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Stop the Leak, Loop the Loop: Why His Penis Just Won’t Stay Up

He’s a young man, but his penis isn’t acting like it. He can achieve an erection in good time, but it soon starts to lose its firmness. He’s able to orgasm and ejaculate, but he feels embarrassed about the problem, and his lovers definitely aren’t into it either. What’s a guy to do?
Case #:1926

Every time I have sex, I quickly get an erection, but during the course of intercourse, it seems to melt away. I’m not any less turned on, and I’m able to ejaculate, but my penis becomes softer and softer throughout. It’s embarrassing for me, and exasperating for my lovers, and I worry about what the cause might be of my problem. I’m not even 30 yet! Can you offer any advice?

It sounds like you have a problem with the water (or shall I say, blood) tightness of your penis. If you’re able to get a full erection, you probably don’t have the typical issues that plague most EDers. No, it simply sounds as though once the blood comes in, out it goes again. This is what’s known as a venous leak. You need a way to hold that blood inside, without preventing the entrance of still more blood.
In, Not Out

In comes the penile loop. A penile loop is different than other cock or testicle rings because it allows for blood to continue entering, even while the blood that is already inside the penis remains inside. (TRY: Penile Loops for Venous Leak Relief) It’s completely adjustable and can be put on even before you have an erection. This is really helpful for you, as your erections seem to come down even as they’re coming up.
Leaky Duct

And now the why. It’s not as uncommon as you’d think for young men to be experiencing problems with venous leaks. Usually this problem is ongoing, even chronic. It’s thought to be caused by a defect of the connective tissue surrounding the veins of the penis. Doctors still aren’t completely sure why this occurs, or how to treat it. For now, the best and easiest way to deal with the issue continues to be a penile loop.
Know and Grow

There have been suggestions that low testosterone can exacerbate issues of venous leakage. This is because testosterone is responsible for penile health, and keeps tissues healthy, happy, and at their sexual peak. Without proper levels of testosterone, penile tissue can atrophy, resulting in the development of a venous leak, or aggravating a pre-existing case. It’s very easy to get hormone tested these days, and the results might assist you in your treatment decision.
Developing Treatment

In the long run, there are currently ongoing investigations as to whether the problem can be solved via surgery. However, there is little conclusive data proving the efficacy of the operation. It consists of tying some of the veins most associated with venous leakage—most specifically of the crura, the rearmost erectile bodies, according to the Cornell Urology department. Whether this process will end up solving the problem is yet to be determined.
In the Meantime

For now, don’t worry about it. There’s little you can do, other than employing a penile loop, and ensuring that your testosterone levels are optimal. Using a penile loop allows you to have sex the way you would normally, without having to worry about staying hard. Sex can be a mindlessly pleasurable exercise once more. Enjoy!

What to do

Penile Loop for Venous Leak

Keep penile blood inside the chambers to prevent venous leaks.

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