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Losing His Interest

She has loosened her vagina through the use of vibrators and other toys. Her significant other now prefers for her to pleasure him orally rather than with traditional intercourse. What can she do to regain her youthful grip?
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I have excessively used vibrators and other types of toys. There was a point when I would have sex every day but now it has gone down. He now prefers to have oral sex instead of intercourse because he says it's too loose down there. Please help.

I’m sorry he isn’t taking care of you like he should! It’s not fair that he should call all the shots in your sexual relationship. That being said, this isn’t a particularly difficult problem to solve. I have two recommendations: start your Kegels, and start an herbal solution that will improve your vaginal health.
Bouncing Back

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having sex every day. Your vaginal is naturally stretchy, but generally snaps back, no matter what the size of the penis was. Using toys, so long as they aren’t constantly vibrators, which can cause you to lose sensation and create scar tissue, is also not an issue. The only time the vagina becomes less naturally springy is after more than one child, or a child born later in life, or as a woman begins to head into menopause.
It is natural that, as a woman ages, her vagina loses some of its “snap back”. This is due to the reduction of collagen fibers in her vaginal tissues, and due to a lessening of the production and dispersion of the sex hormone estrogen.
Age and Estrogen

Estrogen is the hormone that keeps a woman’s vagina happy and healthy—through lubrication, proper circulation, and well-maintained vaginal tissues. When estrogen levels begin to drop off, usually after age thirty-five, vaginal health begins to go downhill as well. Interestingly, estrogen also maintains bladder tissue, so it’s at this time that incontinence and urinary tract infections can begin to be an issue as well.
The herbal formula that I have in mind for you contains powerful herbs that increase a woman’s levels of estrogen, without synthetic hormones. It also increases circulation and blood flow to the sex organs. This will help you with half of your problem. The second half requires actual physical work!
Work Out the Kinks

Kegels are exercises that help a woman to strengthen her pubococcygeus muscles—the muscles that surround the bladder, vagina, and anus. By strengthening these muscles, a woman can effectively tighten her vagina, and also increase her ability to orgasm, and to manipulate a man vaginally during intercourse. Kegels have the added benefit of controlling incontinence, and can be done anywhere, at any time.
Kegels consist of sustained contractions of the vaginal muscles. They’re a bit tricky to figure out initially, but once you do, you can work up in length and repetition. The more you practice, the stronger and tighter you will be. I’d explain how to do them here, but I think you’d benefit more by my directing you to the Mayo Clinic’s explanation of the process. These will do more for you than anything else I can recommend, and I’m sure your man will soon notice the difference.
Herbal Healing

By beginning the herbal remedy I’ve recommended, you will increase your own sexual sensation and arousal and will also increase your body’s ability to build muscle and rejuvenate tissue. (SEE: Natural Formula for Vaginal Looseness & Sensitivity Enhancer) This, along with your new exercise regime, will do wonders for your bottom floor. I wish you much luck!

What to do

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