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Will This Desert Ever Meet The Rain: Problems With Vaginal Dryness

Have you recently found it a bit dry down there? Have no fear, the herbs are here!
Case #: 1814

I am 45 years old, and recently became sexually active after seven years of abstinence. I am unable to orgasm. Could my antidepressants be the source of my vaginal dryness and inability to orgasm?

Though menopause is the leading cause of vaginal dryness, there are many other possibilities that could be causing the drought. Vaginal dryness occurs when a woman's estrogen levels are tampered with. Estrogen is basically like the 'Wonder-Woman-Hormone.' In addition to maintaining the proper lubrication of the vagina, it is also in charge of the elasticity and acidity within the vaginal muscles.
Like Riding A Bike

When a woman experiences a decline of estrogen, whether it be because of menopause or antidepressants, the result is always the same. She will begin to lose sexual interest, and the vaginal walls will become frail because of the absence of moisture.
Some other causes of vaginal dryness include, but are not limited to; Breast-feeding, Some known cancer therapies, child birth, the surgical removal of a woman's ovaries, cigarette smoke, allergies, cold medications, hypothalamus and pituitary issues, immune disorders, and premature ovarian failure.

Studies have actually shown that antidepressants that are SSRI based hold the ability to eradicate a woman's sexual function. They are able to do this because an SSRI antidepressant will disable the pituitary and liver function in order to ramp up the production of prolactin. This commonly instigates a pituitary functional disorder referred to as HyperProlactimia. The inflated elevation of prolactin that is running through your system now is most likely what is prohibiting you from achieving an orgasm.
What To Do

I would definitely recommend that you first talk to the doctor who prescribed you the antidepressant. There is a possibility that somewhere out there, there's a lower dosage of your current medication that will see you through. You should not stop taking your antidepressants all together under any circumstances without the consult of your doctor. A lower dosage could be just what you need to build your estrogen levels back up to what they used to be. However, vaginal lubrication does not simply appear like it never left over night.
Unfortunately, we cannot recreate estrogen...But we can come incredibly close! If you really want to get things going on the right path to pleasure town, I would suggest a natural remedy that includes ingredients such as; Wild Yam, Pyrola, Dong Quai, Panax Ginseng, Licorice, and Ligustrum. (TRY: Dryness and Orgasm Restoration Formula) These herbs will help to hinder any further vaginal damage or desensitization by restoring vaginal moisture. They will also encourage the generation of levodopa and serotonin, level out a woman's pH balance, and increase sexual desire.

What to do

Vaginal Insensitivity and Dryness Relief Remedy

The main reasons for vaginal and clitoral desensitization and dryness: hormonal disturbances and vaginal abrasions. A hormonal imbalance can cause a reduction in vaginal mucus while a thinning of vaginal lining can cause pain during penetration. To...

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