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When Youthful Sexual Exuberance Turns into Addictive Behavior – The Hidden Costs of Over-Masturbation

We find a young man who likes to masturbate a lot. If masturbation is natural then why is he suddenly exhausted and have the lasting power of a cheap firecracker?
Case #: 2014

Hey there, I just turned 21 and I’m always horny as hell. I actually started masturbating pretty late, around age 15. Well, late for these times anyway, haha.
I jack off every day, sometimes up to 3 or 4 times while watching porn. Lately, I’ve been feeling kind of tired all of the time. Also, when I tried to have sex with a girl recently, I came way too fast. I tried it again and the same result. What is going on?
Alvin had been an all-around great athlete. He’d risen to the top in terms of his high school track team, and was their favorite to win contests against rival schools. After high school, Alvin felt especially patriotic and so, like his father before him, he joined the military in order to serve his country.
“I Can’t Take the Stress!”

Even though Alvin had experimented with masturbation starting in his early teens, he really hadn’t done it that much since. That all changed shortly after he enlisted. The stress he felt as a result of trying to live up to his father’s “super-soldier” image was so overwhelming, that he felt the urge to masturbate every morning and night during basic training.
Even though Alvin had bragged about being his hometown’s standout track star, he quickly went from being in the front of the pack during morning runs, to being in the middle, until finally ending up straggling behind in formations.
When he did go home for leave, he had sex with an old girlfriend and could only last 3 minutes where he used to stay sexin’ for an hour. What in the world had happened?
Falling into Bad Habits
Like Alvin, many young men begin masturbating in their teens. Some may not become as interested in it as others do initially. As boys grown into men and take on the more mature responsibilities of their older brethren, things can get pretty stressful.
Many young men turn to masturbation in order to obtain the sense of relief that it provides. However, since young men’s brains are still forming up until age 25, many addictive habits are easier to slip into, such as eating too much junk food, drinking too much alcohol, abusing drugs (legal and illegal), and yes…over-masturbation.
While masturbation may help to calm the mind, if done too often, it can also cause the depletion of critical neurochemicals and hormones. Not getting enough rest can further exacerbate things and cause a man to go into a state of sexual exhaustion. This is exhibited by tiredness, inability to focus, and intermittent irritability. So how can ones turn things around?
Turbo-Charged Rejuvenation

Avoiding masturbation for a while (only 3 weeks) is a wise choice. This can allow your body to begin to replenish itself of the resources it needs in order to be healthy.
However, for most men, something extra may be needed. For a real boost in your recover, try taking a botanical concoction specially formulated for sexually exhausted youth. (TRY: ViaPal-hGH-C for Premature Ejaculation Control) These formulae contain elements which can help to repair damage done to the parasympathetic nervous systems as a result of too much masturbation.
These all-natural mixtures can help to:

  • Rebalance unstable hormonal levels and replenish neurotransmitters depleted by over-masturbation
  • Restore the neuro-endocrine system to its normal operating level for enhanced control over ejaculations
  • Provide nutrients for stronger pc muscles and expanded ejaculatory nerve growth
  • Calm the mind and alleviate stress and anxiety

Together, these factors can eventually lead to a return to your old sexual energy levels, where you felt as if you could deflower 100 virgins in a row (oops, think that was one of my fantasies). All kidding aside, get serious about recovering your sexual prowess before you lose it altogether.

What to do

ViaPal-hGH-C Youth Formula for Premature Ejaculation Caused by Excessive Masturbation

If masturbation has damaged your control over ejaculations, learn how ViaPal-hGH-C can help.

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