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Age Before Booty: How Time Takes its Toll on Erections

A fifty-year-old man has noticed changes in his sex life. He can’t seem to get completely hard anymore. He’s not ready to give in to popping pills, and he still wants to have sex. What can he do to recover his erection strength and ability?
Case #:1975

I’m well into my fifties, and I know your sex life is meant to change about this time, but I didn’t think I would also lose my ability to have an erection whatsoever! It seems like lately, nothing gives me a full erection anymore. I certainly don’t want to rely on some blue pill to help me do what I should do naturally—is there any other way?

I’m sorry to hear that your flagpole is flagging! I’m sure you’re dealing with a host of other issues as well—age takes no prisoners, that’s for sure. But there are ways of dealing with the problems all men come to at one point or another—those of sexuality with a body that almost refuses to function according to desire anymore.
Helpless Before Hormones

It’s amazing what the real cause for most bodily issues is. Almost invariably, the reason you’re experiencing some issue is due to those invisible mess-makers we call hormones. When we’re young, they drive us crazy, running amok through out bodies and calling us hither and thither by our loins. As we age, the ratios change. We are no longer dominated by our lusts, but we still have an active sexuality, almost ripened in that we’re choosier than we were.
Then, finally, the end of the roller coaster. Our hormones are almost gone. And while there will be a horrific struggle between our brain and our body until both accept the circumstances, eventually our bodies are left as empty husks, or rather, happy, functional humans—without the ability to procreate. It’s this war that’s being fought between brain and body that’s got your erections fallen and unable to get up.

The reason for this is that your testes and adrenal glands have pretty much stopped producing testosterone. This is a huge problem. You desperately need testosterone. It keeps your body tissues healthy, your penile tissues blood-plumped, your veins and arteries strong and flexible, and your libido burning bright. Losing testosterone has weakened your arteries and capillaries to such a degree that you’re no longer able to get or sustain an erection.
Vein Drain

The circulatory system needs to be trim, elastic, and expandable, otherwise blood doesn’t get where it needs to go. When it comes to an erection, blood needs to be driven into the penis, and the penis needs to be able to hold onto that blood. The penis is itself almost wholly a vein—when it, too, is loose and flabby, your ability to keep an erection disappears.
A Simple Solution

So what can you do? The best and easiest method for you right now is to simply restore your levels of testosterone to create a properly functioning sexual environment in your body once more. But I don’t recommend taking pure testosterone, not for anyone, and especially not at your age. What you can try is an herbal formula that will encourage the production of testosterone inside your body naturally, as well as acting as a proxy form of testosterone for the time being. (SEE: Natural Herbal Tincture for Erectile Strength for Seniors)
These replacement testosterone molecules come from phytochemicals found inside herbs such as Epimedium, Cistanche, and Lycium. The body uses what it can, and what it can’t is passed through the body quickly and without side effects. If you want a return to your sex life, without a lot of pill popping and stress, I highly recommend turning to the natural world for your assistance. Good luck!

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Erection Improvement Tincture For Seniors

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