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From Penis Pump to Throbbing Stump

Think penis pumps are safe?Think again.Learn one guy's painful story of devastating penis pump side effects,and learn what makes these apparatuses so dangerous.



Hi...Where do I start...Hmm...Well...It started with a small wart on the side of my penis...I told my girl friend about it and she said that her ex husband used to get them..Needless to say this is probably where this little thing came from..Well..I used a cotton swab with 35 percent hydrogen peroxide to get rid of this wart..After a couple of weeks of healing I started to use a penis pump..I had used it before but this time was the end of the session I heard a couple of small pops..Thinking nothing of it the next day rolled around.Well..The next day I found that what looked like a hard swollen vein just before my penis tip starting from the top of my penis around the left side to the bottom..The next thing I noticed was a vein starting from the base of my penis starting from my pubic bone forward seemed to be clogged/lose I don't know,but there then was a series of spider vein looking things where this wart was...What is wrong?I have since been massaging these veins and sitting under hot water just to keep them soft and pliable but if I stop over a period of a day they return and start to become hard and veiny again..I just want my buddy back..What do I do..Thank you.


Penis pumps are extremely popular,but perhaps due to the delicate nature of the product,they haven't been subject to much public scrutiny.After all,you're not going to see a late-night infomercial with enthusiastic pitchmen sticking a giant tube over their genitals,and many of the men who have suffered as a result of these products fail to come forward due to embarrassment(“You see,doctor,I was inflating my penis the other day when all of a sudden things went terribly wrong”).

So because of the awkward nature of the product,we haven't seen much public outcry,but believe me when I say that the penis pump dangers are very,very real.

The Problem with Penis Pumps

Whether you're using the pump for masturbatory pleasure or penis enlargement,the risks are the same.The pumping action causes you to over-inflate your inelastic penile veins,and this causes vein and valve damage.

Penis pumping can also stimulate collagen production,and too much collagen can leave you with weak erections.When excess collagen accumulates in one particular spot,it can even cause the penis to become misshapen.Varicose and spider veins will also appear.Too many people foolishly turn to the pump to increase their size,but instead wind up with a twisted,vein-throbbing Frankenpenis.

Taming the Monster

If you want to return your penis to its smooth,fully functional glory,first you need to get rid of the penis pump.Smash it into a thousand pieces,take it deep into the desert and bury it in the sand.Then pour Holy Water over the burial site,so that it may never harm another human being.By simply getting rid of the pump,you can begin the healing process,but depending on the amount of damage done,you may need to take additional steps.With the help of a targeted herbal formula,you can begin reversing much of the penile destruction that has already occurred.(SEE:Penis Nerve&Pain Restoration Remedy)

Herbs like Astragalus Membranaceus,and Fo-Ti will repair some of the tissue damage,while herbs like Opiopogon and Cimicifuga will promote the growth of new tissue.Finally,you'll need herbs like Scrophularia and Guarana Seed to replenish the necessary hormones and neurotransmitters.You don't need to fill up your medicine cabinet with 40 different herbal concoctions;there are ready-made solutions that contain all of these key ingredients and more.Most importantly,remember not to treat your penis like a balloon animal,and you should be okay moving forward.

What to do

Penile Pain,Fracture,&Nerve Rejuvenation Remedy

Improve penile tissue and nerve ending recovery damaged by cock rings,penile pumps,abusive masturbation and dangerous sex positions

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