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The Buck Stops Here: His Weak Erections Keep Him from Making Love to His Wife

This young married man lives with the knowledge his wife has to pleasure herself because he can’t make love to her. His weak erections are coupled with low arousal, meaning he battles performance fears as well as hormonal imbalances. He’ll get his confidence back and return to his wife’s good graces with the help of a vibrating cock ring.
Case #:1909

I am 27 years old and have battled weak erections for the last year. My chief complaints include low arousal, premature ejaculation and long recovery after sex. Because I can’t keep up with my wife in making love, she had to purchase a vibrating dildo. It’s terrible knowing she’s in the bedroom pleasing herself while I lay on the couch without so much as a physical reaction. But, as embarrassing as it is to admit this, I’m also a little relieved knowing she can take care of herself. I’ve always worried about my performance in the bedroom. Right now, however, I’ll take any suggestion you have to get my sex life back on track.

The United States is a country of prudery when it comes to sexual openness. We bicker about same-sex marriages, denounce sexually liberated people as promiscuous and encourage men and women to keep their fantasies to themselves. We also make those with sexual health problems feel like deviants. Rather than isolate anyone who wants to talk about sex, we would do better to follow the lead of countries like Switzerland and France – they encourage open communication so everyone feels safe and comfortable.
The Stem of Weak Erections

Many men who suffer from sexual disorders also have low testosterone levels. Typically thought of as the “male hormone,” testosterone is produced in the testes. It is largely responsible for sex drive and reaches maximum levels around age 20. After that, the body starts to produce less testosterone, and between ages 30 and 50 production declines by 1 percent every year.
For men under the age of 30, low testosterone cannot be considered a normal part of the aging process. Some males have underactive testes caused by genetics or disease. An injury to both testicles, as from sports play, can also cause low testosterone. Another consideration is obesity, which changes hormone production in the body.
Surprisingly, low testosterone in itself does not cause weak erections or erectile dysfunction (ED). It does account for your symptoms of low arousal and long recovery time after sex. But ED and premature ejaculation in men your age typically stem from another problem: performance anxiety.
When Fear Gets the Best of You

You mentioned in your note you’ve long been worried about whether or not you can satisfy your wife in the bedroom. Perhaps this fear is a natural anxiety issue from a man newly married. Or maybe your wife said something in the past that stayed with you and has ignited sexual fears. While we cannot pinpoint the exact nature of your performance anxiety, we can safely say it is a leading contributor to your weak erections.
In order to maintain a hard-on, a man needs to be in the moment. He can’t be thinking about work, something a friend told him or last night’s argument with his partner. He has to be in the mood and ready to make love.
Anxiety takes a man out of the moment and steers his thoughts in directions they shouldn’t go. As your mind starts wandering, you’re likely to lose part or all of your erection. Anxiety also causes premature ejaculation. You probably want to hurry and come when you’re awash with worry so your wife doesn’t think you can’t perform in bed. But in reality, coming too quickly ruins the moment for both of you.
Return to the Game

We have a solution to get you off the couch and back into bed. It’s a vibrating cock ring, designed to stimulate arousal and keep you harder for longer. (SEE: Vibrating Cock Rings for Erection Sustaining) The vibration sends pulses down your penis to get you in the mood, and the cock rings keeps blood in your penis so you can maintain an erection. It’s a solid solution for any man who needs a sexual kickstart.
Don’t go into this thinking cock rings are for sissies or that they confirm you have a problem. The truth is these devices are considered all but mainstream, and the vibration offers the added bonus of stimulating your wife’s clitoris. Just as people do in Europe, keep an open mind and submit yourself to the pleasure a sex toy can bring. The vibrating cock ring may just save your marriage – and your sanity.

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Vibrating Cock Ring Guide - Helping Unsustainable & Weak Erection

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