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Cannabis Means He Cannot – Sustain an Erection, That Is: His Girlfriend’s Tired of Weak Erections and Even Weaker Sex

Sex with her boyfriend yields little in the way of pleasure. Because he can’t sustain an erection, she has to repeatedly stimulate him so they can keep going. This isn’t exactly romantic, and to make matters worse, the culprit is his love of cannabis. He smokes regularly, a trait of which she’s not fond. In fact, she doubts they even have a future together.
Case #: 2049

I have three complaints about my boyfriend: we never get through sex without taking a break, I have to get him hard at least three times when we make love, and I never come because all my attention is devoted to him. I know the problem – he can’t sustain an erection – and I even suspect the cause. He smokes a lot of pot, way more than I even know about because we don’t see each other every day. I love my boyfriend, but I’m not sure this relationship is worth hanging onto.

All relationships hit bumpy roads. Problems range from opposing religious beliefs to child-rearing differences. With patience, these differences can be overcome or at least overlooked. But the one area that doesn’t allow you to turn a blind eye is the bedroom. Sexual incompatibility can ruin a relationship more quickly than infidelity. After all, in bed is where you unleash raw passion to separate romantic love from all the other kinds of love in your life.
Understanding Pot’s Effects

Many men smoke weed before sex because it puts them in the mood. This connection is so profound that some men refuse to have sex if they’re not high. Is it all in their heads? Perhaps. Cannabis certainly relaxes a smoker and releases the feel-good chemical dopamine in his or her brain.
But no drug used for recreational purposes is 100 percent safe. The relationship between sexual desire and pot has been studied since the 1970s. Time and again, scientists have found just one marijuana cigarette lowers testosterone, and the recovery period is 24 hours. If your boyfriend smokes two or three times a day, his recovery period never catches up with his body. This explains why he can’t sustain an erection.
Short-term marijuana use also raises cortisol, a chemical released during times of stress. As cortisol increases, sexual responses drop. You can blame this on what the body perceives to be a constant state of stress. Stress shuts down bodily functions not needed for immediate survival to focus on organs like the heart and lungs. Because sex isn’t necessary for survival, cortisol weakens erections and impedes sexual performance.
Emotional Problems in the Relationship

By this point, you might have noticed marijuana triggers chemical warfare within the body. Included in the battle are serotonin and norepinephrine. Pot decreases the former and increases the latter to produce dramatic mood swings. An imbalance in serotonin can even lead to anxiety and interfere with your boyfriend’s sense of well-being.
People who use marijuana tend to combat these symptoms by smoking more. But all they’re doing is prolonging the drug’s ill effects. Long-term use can lead to serious mood disorders that make it difficult to have a healthy, lasting relationship. So, while your sex life suffers in the bedroom, your love life suffers in all the other rooms.
Talking with a Pot Smoker

You’ve probably learned that telling your boyfriend to stop smoking is like telling a wall to quit standing. Smokers tend to hide behind a bevy of excuses when confronted with their behaviors. For this reason, you need to level with your boyfriend in a way he will understand. Don’t be manipulated by his attempts to make you feel guilty, and don’t enable his behavior by trying to understand it. Tell him exactly how you feel and explain you’re ready to end the relationship. If he still doesn’t respond, you may have a bigger problem on your hands than his weak erections.
Nature versus Cannabis

Marijuana is touted as an herb, but we have a real herbal remedy to give your boyfriend the hard and healthy erections he should have. It’s called Schisandra, and when blended in a botanical remedy can improve erections by increasing blood flow to the penis. Schisandra also repairs tissues damaged by the toxins of marijuana. (TRY: Marijuana Detoxification & Erection Rejuvenation Formula) This means longer, fuller erections for the best sex of your life.
Schisandra can be found many herbal remedies. We recommend you select the one most suited to your boyfriend’s needs so he garners the greatest benefit. Ask him to choose a blend with you to create a sense of shared intimacy.

What to do

Schisandra for a Healthier Erection
A weak Willie is a sad Willie.

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