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The Perils of Penis Play–When Masturbation Leads to Pain

He was experiencing severe pain at the tip of the penis,but he just couldn't identify the cause or the solution.If this sounds familiar,read on to learn how this common problem arises.



I have been having penis problems for the past 3 1/2 years,it started when masturbating,I felt a pinching sensation and pain started to slowly rise,since that day I have had pain and irritation at the tip of penis constantly.I have seen 21 doctors 4 urologist and have had 3 camera's down the urethra with no findings everything normal,also I have had 3 prostate massages and cultures and 17 urine tests by urologist,on the first two camera a 5 days after the irritation past from the camera's,the pain went all together,it was like not there at all for a month.When I masturbated one day and again felt a pinch and then the pain came back constant again.Out of all the 21 doctors I have had the entire test come back normal.


I don't know your medical history or personal habits,so I'll have to do a bit of educated guessing here.Pain at the tip of the penis can have multiple causes,including the use of penis pumps,certain“high-risk”sexual positions,persistent penile stretching exercises,or slamming it in a car door(but I'm assuming that if you did that,you wouldn't be mystified as to the cause of your pain).
You do,however,mention that the problem occurs during masturbation.This can be very telling,because over-masturbation is a common cause of persistent penis pain.

Why Feeling So Good Can Feel So Bad

Masturbation does much more than simply make you feel good.When practiced in excess,it can damage tissue,rupture nerves and lead to hormonal imbalances that cause inflammation to the urethra and prostate.
One minute you're in seventh heaven,imagining Brazilian supermodels wrestling in a vat of cream cheese,and the next minute you're limping along as though your penis were injured in battle.But whether your affliction is the result of overly rigorous masturbation,penis enlargement pumps or galloping horsey rides with your girlfriend in the shower,the treatment will be virtually the same.

The Solution to Your Throbbing Problem

In order to turn the tide,you need to restore the broken blood vessels,dissolve the scar tissue and stimulate new penile tissue.Now I know what you're thinking.“That sounds great,but that sounds like witchcraft,and I already used up my three wishes.”The good news is that you don't need the magic of Harry Potter to reverse the damage.
You can get the job done with certain herbs,like Alisma Plantago,Guarana,Milk Thistle and Rhodiola.(SEE:Penile Injury&Repair Solution)These and similar ingredients have been shown to promote new tissue growth,balance hormone levels and repair damaged nerves.Just find an herbal remedy formulated for this purpose.

Finally,I would also urge you to consider how the problem may have arisen in the first place,so that you can ensure that it never happens again.If you believe masturbation may to be blame,cut back immediately.Chronic masturbation can lead to even more problems down the line if you continue.If you have used penis pumps or engaged in strenuous penile exercises,I would urge you to kick those habits as well.After all,we only get one penis,and as the saying goes,“Handle with care.”

What to do

Penile Injury&Nerve Rejuvenation Solution For Chafing&Bruises

If you suffered from an injury to your penis caused by a penis stretching device,penile exercise equipment or a penis pump,this solution can help heal the tissue and blood vessels.

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