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Biggy Size That, Please: A Husband-to-Be Needs a Larger Penis for More Fulfilling Sex

All his life, he’s had low testosterone and, as a result, a smaller penis. Sex has never been more than mediocre. Now he needs to increase his size and improve his lovemaking skills because he’s getting married. His greatest goal is to please his future wife – with a bigger penis.
Case #: 2060

I come from an obese family. Blame it on food, genes or whatever, but we’re all pretty overweight. I’m not talking a few extra pounds around the middle, but serious excess fat. Because of my own personal weight, I have low testosterone, which means I’ve had a small penis my whole life (I’m 31). Sex has never been incredible for me, so I can only imagine what it’s been like for my partners. Now I’m getting married, and I want nothing more than to please my wife-to-be in every way possible. I’ve shed some pounds with diet and exercise but still need help increasing my penis size. By the way, I’m not willing to have any surgery of any kind. Thanks.

One of the most important things to a man is knowing he can please a woman. For many, this means having a large penis that demonstrates virility and masculinity. Those who have what they consider small penises tend to feel inadequate and sometimes even depressed.
The problem with the penis is that we cannot tell you how big a “normal” one should be. The average length varies between 5 and 7 inches when erect, but note we said average. If you’re slightly below-average, or even slightly above, you can still enjoy great sex. It’s all about confidence in yourself.
History of Penis Enlargement

You might think you’re the only man who’s ever wanted a bigger penis, but you’re not. Men of some ancient Asian cultures ingested the penises and testicles of animals to grow their own. Despite the damage it causes, African tribes continue to hang weights from their penises to make them longer. Members of the Shangaan tribe plant a backyard tree when a son is born and, at a very early age, make the boy eat the bark so that as the tree grows, so too does the child’s penis.
We tell you this so you understand society has always been obsessed with larger penises. It didn’t matter the size of the organ at the start – bigger was always better. You can blame this on the long ago idea that penis size denoted power, so the obsession was particularly great among rulers and royal family members. Today we understand the penis has nothing to do with ability to run a country. It’s all about sex, that one earthly pleasure that transcends even the heavens.
Testosterone and Penis Size

Boys enter puberty sometime between the ages of 9 and 14. As you’ve probably heard, this phase is marked by increased hormones. Maybe increase isn’t the right word – an avalanche is more like it. This is the body’s way of changing from a child to a man.
One of the most important hormones in this flood is testosterone. It’s responsible for height growth, muscle development, voice deepening, and penis growth. Of course, each of these factors is largely determined by genetics – testosterone only helps make the transition from child to adult. Therefore, if this hormone never reaches reach peak levels in your body, you will never reach your full potential.
A variety of factors influence testosterone production in the body, and science continues to see a growing number of young males with low testosterone. This is aggravated by the fact that levels slowly decline as a man ages. From age 25 to 75, a man can lose up to 50 percent of this hormone. Penis enlargement may therefore need to come from external means – but not surgery.
Pump It Up

If you’ve considered penis enlargement for a while, you know there’s no shortage of creams, powders and pills you can use. Because you want immediate results, we suggest an alternative – the penis pump. (SEE: Beginner's Guide to Penis Pumps) It works to increase penis size for both short- and long-term needs. For a short-term effect, it directs blood flow into the penis so the chamber is immediately expanded. This means you can use it and then make love to your girl with noticeably greater size.
For future purposes, the pump expands tissues for a fuller, longer penis. It even helps with erection quality by giving you firmer hard-ons. These characteristic are exactly what you need to more fully enjoy sex and build bedroom confidence. They will help unleash inhibitions and increase anticipation for more thrill between the sheets.

What to do

Beginner's Guide to Penis Pumps

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