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To Nut or Not to Nut…Anal Breathing Can Help you Determine When

This man has been engaging in the Anal Breathing technique but needs to adjust it slightly. What tips does he need to apply in order to do it correctly? Let’s find out...

Case #: 1862


I have been practicing the anal breathing technique according to your instructions. You stressed the importance of step #3 - pressure on the bladder/prostate. Even when I do this I have absolutely no change in the sensation in my genitals. No numbness or lowered sensitivity. The arousal peaks just as soon. What might I be doing wrong?


Timothy had been using the Anal Breathing technique for about a week but hadn’t noticed anything different as far as lasting longer during sex with a recent partner. He’d gone back and re-read the instructions however, and now he was inhaling and exhaling properly, causing his stomach to balloon in and out in a comical way.

Filling in the Gaps

Through his anus, he applied gentle pressure with his fingers to his bladder, while standing on his tippy-toes and contracting his buttocks. He did this all while urinating, and held his urine in check while contracting his butt and cutting it off like a faucet.

As he started to get the hang of it, he began to synchronize his contractions with his breathing, and then he felt a slight sensation of air being sucked into his anus. It was working! Now, he would really show his sex partner that he meant business in the bedroom and nail her really good for long periods of time, and then he’d—

“Uh, what are you doing, Timmy?” his father’s voice asked from the bathroom door, which was ajar.

He’d forgotten to fully close the door as he looked over in shame at his parent’s faces which were peering through the crack. His face turned four to five shades of deep red.

His father continued: “Uh…we have to talk.”

It’s All about Synchronizing

While hopefully you weren’t busted in a similar fashion, it’s good that you are using the technique. Now we just have to tighten (pun intended) it up a little more. As with Timmy, the next time you take a leak, raise up on your toes and clench your buttocks.

As you tighten each time, inhale through your belly (not chest) and suck scrunch your anus and tailbone up toward your spine instead of your prostate. When you begin to feel the light sensation of air sucking into your anus you will know that are doing it correctly, and this trains your body’s nervous system to better respond to sexual stimulation for enhanced control of your pc muscles.

Bust When You Want

While this will signal that you’re well on your way, most men need a little extra help and that’s where taking a powerful herbal solution can really do the trick. (SEE: Calming Nerve Ejaculation Control Solution) These can help to calm any out of whack sensory nerves within your brain, while also repairing any damage to your parasympathetic nervous system for better ejaculation control.

They can also help to restore your control over your autonomic nervous system as well as boost your body’s supply of neurotransmitters for better impulse control, while strengthening the on/off switch within your ejaculation valve. This allows you to not only have more sexual endurance, but also mastery over climax control, instead of popping your cork prematurely. You’re only one step away from an enhanced sex life, so what are you waiting for?

What to do

Nerve Calming & Repair Solution For Premature Ejaculation

Strengthen your ejaculatory valve to control your ejaculations.

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