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All Pumped Up, and Nowhere to Go: Anabolic Steroids and Female Low Sex Drive

An award-winning bodybuilder is concerned that her use of anabolic steroids has killed her libido.

Case #: 1249


I’m a bodybuilder. I compete in international competitions, and I have placed in the top 10 in a few tournaments. I view my body as an expression of art. As a bodybuilder—and a woman—I spend thousands a month on food, and pay attention to what goes into my body. Even so, it appears now I may be suffering the consequences of my lifestyle. In order to “bulk up,” I take steroids. Yes, yes, yes, I’ve read about the dangers. I take them in moderation, but even so, I’m now suffering from a lowered sex drive.

My husband and I no longer engage in sex. In fact, I avoid sex. I find it boring, at times painful, and just, well, routine. I know my steroid usage has a lot to do with my problem, but can I reverse the problem?


You are probably correct to connect the decrease in your libido with steroid use. As I am sure you are aware from researching the topic on your own, anything that introduces synthetic androgens or other hormones into your body can affect its functioning in an unpredictable number of ways. The same principle applies to hormonal birth control, which loads the endocrine system with excess estrogens and progesterone. These hormones can cause problems with sexual desire and function in some users, while others don't experience any unpleasant side effects at all.

Androgen Imbalance and Sexual Desire

Sexual desire depends heavily on a healthy ratio of each androgen in the endocrine system. Numerous anabolic steroid users, both male and female, have reported increases in sexual desire from the extra testosterone. However, it is entirely plausible that the same drugs could have the opposite effect depending on an individual's natural hormone balance before beginning the regimen.

Sexual desire and the mechanics of arousal and orgasms are powered by a blend of hormones and chemicals that is much more complex than more testosterone = more desire. An excess of any hormone, whether it's progesterone, estrogen, testosterone or something else, can alter your internal balance, affecting your ability to experience sexual arousal. If sex feels boring and routine to you, it's likely that the pain you sometimes feel results from inadequate vaginal lubrication. This is a common problem among women who have trouble sustaining sexual arousal.

Reignite the Passion Between You and Your Husband

At some point in their lives, many people find themselves in the position of needing to decide whether they'd rather put their careers or their personal lives first. You may be at such a crossroad. It sounds like you will need to stop using steroids, or at the very least, will need to decrease the dosage, if you want to get your normal libido back.

Research on female anabolic steroid use is still limited. However, the existing research on men and women recovering from steroid use indicates that recovery might take a year or longer for your hormone levels to return to normal after stopping the supplements. While you recover, your libido may benefit from medicinal herbs that help with androgen regulation, such as Maca and Catauba. (TRY: Inca Sex Drive Booster Herbal Formula)

NOTE: Please discuss stopping or decreasing your steroid supplements with a doctor or trainer so that you can develop a plan to taper the doses and to prepare for any withdrawal effects that may develop. Additionally, you should speak with a doctor or trainer (preferably both) before starting any herbal supplements to rule out the possibility of drug interactions.

What to do

Inca Libido Formula

Maca and Catuaba are the key ingredients of the Inca Libido Formula that help boost your sexual desires. If you noticed your sex drive has decreased because of age, weight or a hormonal imbalance, see how this formula can help you regain your old...

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