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Nut Control – Busting When You Want to

A young man has just popped his cherry but is now tripping out because he can’t last that long, and his boners have turned into noodles. What ever can he do?

Case #: 1861


I lost my virginity about 18 months ago (I'm 27 now), but I still have problems with ejaculation control. After my first ejaculation, I can’t last longer with my partner.

Even my erections--length and girth--seem to be decreasing ever since I started having sex.


I was listening to an internet radio show recently where the host was talking to some callers, and the conversation revolved around how much stress men are under in modern society. They mentioned how in the United States, we live in an increasingly feminized culture where saying the wrong thing or checking out a woman in the workplace can get men written up or fired.

They went on to talk about how the advertising industry has picked up on this recent shift and how it caters mainly to women, since they are more prone to being impulse buyers than men (who usually think about making a purchase before buying).

Every other commercial and most TV shows portray men as stupid, incapable of taking care of themselves without the aid of a woman (such as cooking), constantly nagged, browbeaten, ridiculed, and seemingly only good for paying a woman’s bills and providing sperm for procreation once in a while.

A Myriad of Reasons

Whatever the case, men are working more hours than ever before, and work all of the more dangerous jobs (fishermen, firemen, deep sea welders, etc.) and this can cause many unforeseen complications. Many men turn to eating fast food since they view it as more convenient, smoking, drug abuse, and drinking too much alcohol. All of these factors can lead to sexual dysfunctions.

Men can freak out because of struggling to pay unnecessary bills, or can come to feel trapped in crappy relationships and made to feel unsexy. These psychological factors can also cause issues with a man’s libido

What this can all lead to is a loss of blood circulation, including to the genitals, so that the penile tissues that normally engorge with blood might as well be in the Sahara Desert. This can cause soft erections and put a lot of pressure on the prostate in order to try to stimulate a climax, frequently resulting in popping your load too fast (premature ejaculation). If these symptoms persist they can lead to impotence in the long run. So how can you prevent that from happening?

Relax…Don’t Do it

Don’t put a ton of pressure on yourself to be some sort of super stud in bed, this will only feed into feelings of performance anxiety and cause further erectile and climax control issues. Relax, and include lots of foreplay, touching, and eye contact/intimacy leading up to actual sexual intercourse. This will make you last a little longer.

Turbo-Boosting Your Recovery

If you’re like most men, you probably need a little boost in order to eliminate your unwanted symptoms. (TRY: Erection Quality Restoration Formula) Taking an all-natural botanical mixture can go to work on your body right away by repairing any damaged nerves (for added pleasure), healing venous leaks, and restoring proper blood flow to your penis.

This increase in blood circulation will allow more nutrients and sex hormones such as testosterone to engorge your penis and make it firmer for lengthier amounts of time, and climaxing when you want to. This will make you more confident in your sexual prowess when you’re thumbing through your rolodex of possible sexual partners. So get some all-natural healing power today!

What to do

Be Firm Herbal Tincture Formula - Improving the Quality of Erection

Be Firm Herbal Tincture stimulates the flow of blood to the penis and provides nutrients to correct venous leakage, a key cause behind weak erections.

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