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Parched Penis – Penile Dryness Nightmares and Relief

This gentleman has recently seen a military doctor and has determined that his penile dryness problem isn’t due to an STD. Now he needs help on revitalizing his member...

Case #: 1669


I have had a large patch of dry skin on the top of my penis for the last 9 months that comes and goes. When it is really dry it gets scaly and at times it gets so dry that it starts to crack from the dryness. I recently finished my duty for the military and saw a military doctor. They did some blood and urine tests to check for STDs and that came back clean. There was never any further testing done to see what exactly my problem was. I am wondering what this could be. Are there any treatments or something that can help keep the dry skin under control?


I too was in the military and remember one time when I had just come back from an overseas assignment. I had just gotten back to my barracks when a buddy showed up and proceeded to drain my little mini-fridge of beers. We sat around and shared a few war-stories as well as our plans for things now that we had returned to the States.

He had just come from the Middle East and I remember him telling me that his face had been really chapped from the harsh desert environment, and then he went on to joke about how even his member had become a “desert dick” in that it was really dry and chaffed. Back then I thought it was strange but hadn’t really connected the dots. Later I realized what he wasn’t telling me.

Natural Shield

The epidermal layer is your skin’s major line of defense for defending your body against intrusions by pathogens, infections, and everyday environmental exposure. In short, it acts as the major frontline shield against all the bad stuff out there.

Sometimes however, breaches in this wall of defense can happen. These can be caused by such benign-seeming things as perfumed soap, shampoos, lotions, detergents, and even creams, which promise to keep you skin moisturized.

Many of these products can desiccate the skin and leave it chaffed and peeling. This problem may also be caused from over masturbation, such as I suspect was the case with my old friend. When a man plays with his wee-wee a little too harshly, it can cause abrasions to the epidermis which then causes it to become raw, dry, and cracked in places (and sometimes even bleed). So how do you get back to normal?

Desert to Oasis

There are some really effective all-natural creams and lotions that can help you in revitalizing your petrified penis. (TRY: Penis Dryness Relief Cream) They contain properties that are crucial for not only restoring moisture the affected areas of your penis, but can also help to repair your penile tissues and any damaged nerve endings.

Also, make sure that you are not scrubbing your crotch too roughly – this can only make the problem worse. You might want to check out what you’re washing with as well. If you’re using a perfumed soap, chances are it is stripping your skin of its natural oils which help to lubricate your epidermis; think of it as a special fluid that makes your skin’s shield more protected.

So act now and turn your desert dick into a lush oasis that any woman would want to enjoy!

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