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Why female porn stars are faking orgasms?

He found 9-in penis would not even satisfy women

Case #: 26707


I went to an adult film production in Burbank to visit my friend who was on the camera crew. The ‘actress’ there admitted to faking her orgasm and I learned that many female porn stars fake their orgasm. I thought it was shocking, because the guy had a 9-inch penis (my size) and it did not satisfy the actress. Why?


The answer could be simple. Obviously, the setting of a porn production doesn’t necessarily provide the ideal environment for her to relax. Also, the guy’s penis could be too soft (pointing to a 3-4 o'clock position after all the typical porn build up!) although it may still look large. Ultimately, the real joy of sex is the orgasmic response that binds a loving couple together. Why? Because it is the hormone Oxytocin that glues the orgasmic couples together. It’s not all about size. After all, a penis that is too large may be unable to completely fill with blood and fail to produce orgasm when limp.
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Summary: Why female porn star needs to fake orgasm even encounter 9 inche huge penis

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