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Losing Your Mind? – No, Just Jacking it Too Much!

Memory loss is something that isn’t usually thought of when it comes to excessive masturbation, but as this man proves, it can have a drastic effect on what you can and cannot remember.

Case #: 1872


I jack off a lot, pretty much every day. I’ve been stressed out from a crappy job and that’s the main reason probably.

What’s happening now is that for some reason I seem to be forgetting little things here and there. What’s worse is that the other day I completely forgot my wife’s birthday and she went on some big blabbering/nagging trip.


I was recently driving to an appointment and was just rolling along, enjoying the weather. My destination was in another city, about an hour away. As I neared my destination I noticed a large dark cloud off in the distance to the south. I realized that it must have been traveling north in from the ocean because as I drove on it got larger. I also noticed tiny sparks of lighting within it. Now it was going to be a race for me to get into the town before the cloud caught me.

Into the Storm

I sped up but the storm cloud caught me just as I arrived and it proceeded to dump a sudden shower on me…a hard one, and lighting flashed and thunder boomed. For the next ten minutes I squinted through my car’s front window – I could only see about 25 feet in front of me. It was pretty hardcore! Then the rain was gone, and I looked around at the vegetation, happy that it had received so much rainwater (there had been a drought).

A Delicate Network Disrupted

Similar to a giant rain cloud which has powerful electrical currents within it, your brain has a complex network of neurons which control both voluntary processes such as locomotion and eating, and involuntary ones, such as breathing. Neurotransmitters fire off from the brain just as rain falls from storm clouds, inundating your body with the impulses it needs, where and when it needs them.

However, every time you engage in masturbation, you drain your body of sex hormones, and over-masturbation, i.e. masturbation sessions without enough rest in-between, can result in the release of too many stress hormones.

This imbalance can cause certain parts of your cloud (neural framework) to dissipate, and since it controls your memory, you can find yourself not being able to remember little things at first and gradually bigger ones. So how do you reverse this before things get worse?

Cleaning Up Your Cloud

Taking a powerful herbal remedy can help you to not only recover from mental fatigue and memory loss, but also reverse the damage done. (TRY: Mental Burnout Recovery & Exhaustion Restoration Remedy) They are specially formulated to replenish the brain’s stores of neurotransmitters, enabling them to speed along tiny neural pathways and locate bits of information stored within the different parts of the brain.

They can also help to improve overall mood, so instead of feeling helpless, crabby, and irritable, you can feel hopeful, happy, and more focused. Just ensure that you’re still not over-masturbating; 3 to 4 times a week is normal but no more than that, or you’ll dig yourself right back into the mentally and sexually exhausted state. Good luck!

What to do

Mental Burnout & Exhaustion Remedy

If you suffer from mood swings, low sex drive and depression, Mental Burnout & Exhaustion Remedy may provide your body with the essential nutrients you need to kick start neurotransmitter production.

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