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Penis Pump Punishment – Short Term Use & Long Term Damage

A man has embarked on a quest to make his penis bigger and chose a penis pump in order to do so, thinking that it would help. Instead, he’s ended up with a penis which now feels like jello and just flops around. How can he rectify this situation?

Case #: 1825


I used a penis pump 4 years ago for about 4 months. Now, I think I've damaged the penis valve because my penis must be rubbed continuously to maintain an erection. What can I do?


Jack had jacked his penis extensively for years and had ended up with his package gradually shrinking. Like thousands of other men every year, Jack decided to embark on a quest to find a way to make back the size that he’d lost. He consulted sex shops and went online, desperate to find a remedy for his size deficit. Surgery seemed too dangerous, so he opted instead for a penis pump after doing minimal research on them.

The day arrived when he received his penis pump in the mail and he hurriedly unwrapped it and threw the directions (and precautions) into the trash. Jack pumped and vacuumed his penis day and night for a few months, and then noticed that his erections were steadily getting softer. Not only was his penis still smaller but now he couldn’t even get a proper hard-on unless it was constantly stimulated with rough hand movements. What had he done?

Are You Kidding Me?

Just like Jack, many men have misconceptions about the penis pump; and it can cost them big time. The extreme suction created by the motorized pump sucks all of the local blood supply into a man’s penis, creating an artificial erection. This same suction can tear through penile tissues and blood vessels, and rupture nerve endings, pain and discomfort, bruising, and in your case penile numbness.

Since through your pumping you’ve damaged your penile nerves, you are now walking around with what resembles a noodle which has been unmercifully beaten across rocks and have lost much of the normal sensation felt by a healthy member. Is it game over for your poor pee-pee? No, but certain steps must be taken in order to have a chance at restoring your penis to its former glory.

An All-Natural Strategy That Works

There are herbal remedies available that can rejuvenate the penis from within. These contain highly effective extracts of Cuscuta, Pyrola, Deer Antler, and other elements which contain all of the proper hormones, neurotransmitters, and specialized nutrients critical to healing your damaged penis. (TRY: Penile Damage Reverse Restoration) They go to work repairing ruptured vascular tissues and scar formations, while re-structuring severed nerve endings.

Meanwhile, other properties contained in these “natural wonders” can greatly boost your body’s supply of amino acids, testosterone, and other growth factors, allowing for your penis to be put on the fast track to gains in size. Nitric oxide delivery can ensure that not only will you experience harder erections again for longer periods of time, but may also help to prevent penis shrinkage in the future. So get a new lease on your sex life and the health of your penis, and get some all-natural healing!

What to do

Penile Injury & Nerve Damage Repair For Penis Numbness

Penis numbness, inhibited ejaculation, and delayed orgasm disorder are often caused by penile nerve ending damage. If you suffer from penile pain, numbness or burising, try this solution.

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