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A Caffeine Zombie Society & Popping Your Cork Too Quickly!

Most people think that caffeine is better than most drugs because it is legal, but it’s really just that; another which has its own withdrawal symptoms as in the following case study.

Case #: 1873


I’ve been a rabid coffee drinker for the past 15 years. I recently quit a few days ago but am now feeling crabby, short-tempered, and have problems going to sleep.

Who would have though coffee could do that to someone? Granted I was drinking it every day all day during that period.

I’ve also been masturbating a lot, maybe because of how pumped up coffee makes me feel, although I always crash later. How do I get through this slump?


Today’s modern society is all about go, go, go! You have to be a productive citizen and always be on the go, and people are so disconnected with each other that they rarely talk anymore. You can see them annoyingly walking down the street or in their cars with their faces glued to their cellphones, furiously texting away.

This kind of spastic live style has spawned a new breed of ravenous coffee slurpers, as well as a booming coffee industry. Not only do you have the mom & pop type cafes but there is also a rapid proliferation of corporate cafés, where they are now on just about every block you walk down or drive by. This is not a healthy direction...

After Many Cups of Joe

Excessive caffeine consumption can cause chemicals shifts within the brain as well as the constriction of blood vessels, resulting in rapid shifts in mood, horrible headaches, problems sleeping, depleted energy levels, irritability, and sexual dysfunctions. Doesn’t sound like too much fun, does it?

Just as with any drug, you can’t go “up” without coming down, and caffeine may give someone the deceptive feeling that they have more energy and can be more efficient with their time, but no one really talks about the “caffeine crash.” I’ve seen many people lumbering around like zombies, shambling into the kitchen for their morning “hit” of java, and if the coffee can is empty, you might as well be witnessing the 7th Sign of the Apocalypse!

Over-Masturbation only exacerbates these symptoms, as it depletes your body of vital hormones and neurotransmitters, and can lead to a sexually exhausted state. And if someone is undergoing a withdrawal from chronic caffeine consumption, these unwanted symptoms can pile up pretty quickly. So how can you ease the withdrawal process?

A Delicate Network Disrupted

Look at other sources of energy for your morning ritual. Fruits, yogurt, nuts, etc. can be fun to mix-and-match, and you can also blend them for exciting, tasty, and healthy beverages. Do your own research (Google is your friend), play around, and find out your favorites.

If you’d like to get ensure that you back on track, try taking an all-natural botanical solution. (SEE: Red Clover for Caffeine Consumption Control) These contain elements which can eliminate the toxic residue in your bloodstream left behind by caffeine. They can also repair damaged nerves endings within your parasympathetic nervous system, caused by too much caffeine consumption and over-masturbation.

Since your parasympathetic nervous system controls your ejaculation valve, you’ll be able to control when you want to ejaculate once again. And unlike pharmaceutical-grade medicals on caffeine, these products are all natural, so the only side-effects will be feeling good (and having more energy) all throughout the day, not just sporadically. You can do it!

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