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The Big Cum-Back – Natural Recovery from Busting Too Fast

Nothing can piss off a woman faster than a “two-minute wonder” of a man who can’t hold back his climaxes. Here is a way that you can prevent and further unexpected explosions in your sex life.

Case #: 1871


So I’ve been having tons of sex with my new girlfriend as well as masturbating a lot. I’ve noticed that recently I bust too fast when we’re having sex and she ends up looking like a glazed donut…a very angry one.

How can I stop from cumming so fast? Help me before my girlfriend ditches me!


A friend of mine is the envy of anyone who likes luxury cars. He worked very hard at his business and if owning a vehicle like that is something he wanted to treat himself to, by golly, he deserved it.

Ran into the Ground

Last year, he went on an important, extended business trip and left his car in another friend’s hands for safekeeping. Knowing a little about this other person I wasn’t so sure that he’d made a wise decision…since the person in question had always seemed (to me at least) to be pretty irresponsible.

So Mr. Hard-Working took off on his trip and as time goes on, Mr. Irresponsible proceeds to ride around in his souped-up ride. Not just a few places; everywhere – especially when using it as a prop to get into the panties of perspective sex partners.

Eventually, after riding the car around like a beater (recklessly) it started smoking. Well, Mr. Irresponsible hadn’t taken it in for any servicing/maintenance as he said he would, and the delicate machine’s fluids weren’t maintained properly, including its oil. Mr. Hard-Working came back from his trip to find his formerly glorious car with some engine problems, and wasn’t pleased to say the least.


Just as with too much use of that vehicle, so too can a man masturbate excessively, and just as the car didn’t receive crucial maintenance you can exhaust your body of critical elements needed for recovery. These include dopamine, serotonin, and GABA, and as these levels drop they can trigger the accumulation and release of prostaglandin E-2, which can inflame different parts of the body.

As prostaglandin E-2 floods into the central nervous and limbic systems, it can cause neuroplasticity, which leads to a man orgasming too fast, and even eventual impotence. So what can you do to combat these symptoms?

The Real “Raging Bull’

Raw Orchic has been used by Chinese herbalists for ages, as it has been successfully used to ward off impotency and greatly enhance one’s sexual libido. Similar to Oysters, Raw Orchic is packed with zinc, a major precursor for testosterone production.

As zinc floods into the sex organs and glands, a man can go from feeling like a little lame calf to a snorting, hoof-stomping, wild bull! Do larger, longer-lasting erections sound good to anyone out there? We thought so…now it just time to take the first step so what are you waiting for?

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