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It’s All the Buzz – Excessive Jackage of Your Junk

A man is experiencing some annoying ringing in his ears and isn’t completely sure of the cause. Let’s see if we can help him to recover from this unwanted symptom...

Case #: 1867


Hi there – I’m a healthy 27 year old male who recently broke up with my girlfriend and so now I masturbate a lot. Ever since I lost my job (recently) I’ve been masturbating even more and now I can hear a slight buzzing in my ears.

I thought that is was just from some water I got in my ears when I take showers, but it isn’t, and now I suspect it to be the result of too much masturbating. Can you please help me?


Rich was a cinephile; well to be more specific, he leaned toward movies that featured hot chicks who (at some point in the movie) wouldn’t wear too much clothes. At least those were the kind of movies that he preferred to watch while other people were around.

Jack ‘Till You Drop

In private, Rich would don his ultra-deluxe headphones with turbo-boosted bass and peruse through his vast porn collection. Last month he was into watching more of the rough sex-type videos, this month it was all about watching two guys and a girl have sex. He’d sit in his room for hours, oblivious to the outside world since his headphones were so loud, whacking away at his junk.

He’d tease himself – almost coming to climax and then would calm down for some more whackage, but eventually he’d explode into a nearby towel and usually doze off into a deep slumber. Lately, however, he’d noticed that his ears had begun to ring. It sounded like a slight buzzing at first, but eventually became more pronounced until it was distracting.

He initially chalked it up as being due to his headphones being too loud, but after not wearing them for a couple of weeks (he still watched porn and jacked his jimmy) the ringing still persisted. What could it possibly be? He couldn’t figure it out for the time being, and thought it would be best to just continue to masturbate…yeah…that would ease his stress while he tried to find out the reason for his ringing ears.

A Common Cause

Like Rich, millions of men engage in hanky-panky with themselves sometimes, some more than others. When a man masturbates excessively, he can cause not only cause a chemical imbalance within the brain, but also drain it of melatonin, serotonin, dopamine, and acetylcholine.

This can trigger the release of too much prostaglandin E-2 and negatively impact the adrenal medulla and hypothalamus, causing a ringing sensation within the ears that can lead to it sounding like a work crew is jackhammering in your head. So how do you fix things?

A Real Solution

Inorganic minerals and botanical mixtures can provide you with the necessary elements needed to cure your buzzing ears. (TRY: Buzzing Ear Relief Formula) They can help to lower excessive prostaglandin E-2 levels and prevent them from altering the shape of your sound receptor cavities and cochlea, and also protect your ear bones from becoming damaged.

These powerful solutions can also help to reverse the damage done to both your sound receiving ear hairs as well as the all-important auditory receiving neurons. Although this healing process will not take place overnight, men who have taken this formula have reported a complete recovery from their buzzing ear problem within a few months. So what are you waiting for?

What to do

Buzzing & Ringing Ear Remedy

Stop the ringing in your ear caused by over masturbation. If you suffer from ear buzzing or ringing, you may be suffering from one of the symptoms of O.M.

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