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Better Late Than Never – Quitting and Recovery from Jelqing

Here we find a gentleman who has been engaging in a dangerous penis exercise and now is experiencing a Mr. Softie. How can he hope to get back to having a Mr. Happy?

Case #: 1502


I have been doing jelqing exercises for over a week. I was really busy so I took a few days off and I have found that after that I can't achieve a full erection anymore. I am afraid that because of this I will never be able to hold a full erection again. Please help me regain my erections back ASAP. I will never practice jelqing again. What should I do?


The penis size dilemma never ceases to fascinate me. Men, who, for some reason or another feel as though they should be hauling a pipe around instead of being content with what they have, sometimes go to ridiculous lengths in order to increase their penis size.

Rippin’ and Slippin’

To this end, many guys desperately search online for answers and in doing so, inadvertently fall into the hands of shady snake-oil salesmen and unscrupulous companies that offer potentially dangerous solutions for penile growth. Constrictive cock rings that cut off blood flow, penis pumps which literally vacuum blood up into your penis and rupture vessels and tissues, and hazardous penis exercises such as jelqing, which has its own set of dangers.

In this contemporary society of instant gratification by any means necessary, jelqing may be viewed as the crème de la crème, the very pinnacle of penis exercises, and not in a good way. With today’s inundation of information, many people confuse having more choices means having faster quick-fixes for their issues. Combine that with the fact that many people have the attention span of hyperactive goldfish, and don’t perform any due diligence, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

While I’m happy to hear that you’ve wisely abandoned this dangerous practice, I’ll explain to you and other men out there who are thinking about doing this just what has happened. Jelqing requires a man to beat the s*%t out of his member by stroking it, milking it, and squeezing it in ways in which it wasn’t designed for.

This creates an artificial erection by pulling blood into your penile blood chambers (corpus callosum), which under normal healthy conditions fill up upon arousal. This can cause not only tears in your penile tissues and vessels, but also severe damage to nerve endings resulting in numbness and (not surprisingly) erectile problems. So how do you reverse the damage caused by this self-abuse?

Jelqing Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

You’re already on the right track by quitting those ridiculous jelqing exercises; now take an accelerated path to recovery with the aid of a potent botanical formula. (TRY: Natural Formula for Penile Damage Injury & Repair) These unique mixtures can boost your prostaglandin E-1 and E-3 levels, which in turn repairs penile tissue and nerve ending damage. Meanwhile, they also provide cGMP, nitric oxide, GABA, and testosterone, for increased blood circulation and enhanced erectile strength.

Another benefit is saturating your penile tissues with perhaps the biggest star of the show, TGF-beta 3, which is a protein that regenerates tissues and can dissolve collagen scaring which may have occurred through abusive exercises. So get back to normal, the natural way…today!

What to do

Penile Injury & Nerve Damage Repair For Penis Numbness

Penis numbness, inhibited ejaculation, and delayed orgasm disorder are often caused by penile nerve ending damage. If you suffer from penile pain, numbness or burising, try this solution.

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