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A young man is the butt of short penis jokes and wants to find a way to put an end to that once and for all!
Case #: 1940

Well I’m a young guy just turned 23 and I don’t know what to say…I have a 4” penis. Yes, it’s thick enough to please most women, but the last girl I was with teased me about my length, or lack of length I mean.
Is there a safe way to make my member longer? Not into all kinds of weird stuff and devices.
Thanks for your help!

Ben was scouring the streets in his car. He was in somewhat of a frenzy to find a sex store. He’d just been on the phone with his latest sexual conquest, a hot little number named Lucy. They had sex the previous day and as they lie upon her soaked bed sheets she started teasing him about his penis length, calling it a “cute little puggy wuggy.”
This had infuriated him inside, and although he didn’t show it, he vowed to find a way to increase the length of his member. This wasn’t the first time he’d been heckled in such a manner; previous women had also done the same thing. They hadn’t complained about his width, which obviously wasn’t a problem, just the lack of length. Lucy had been the final straw.
Desperate Measures

He saw a sex shop and pulled over. It was in the middle of the day near his neighborhood, so he tried to scout it out before approaching it, lest he be recognized by someone he knew. The coast seemed clear so he bolted for the entrance. No soon had he rushed through the entrance when he ran smack-dab into his middle-aged neighbor Mrs. White. In the collision, she dropped a gigantic black dildo that she was carrying.
“What…well excuse me young man…are you o—” she stopped mid-sentence after looking at him. “Ben, my goodness young man what are you doing here?”
Ben felt a sinking feeling in his heart, there would be no explaining this one away.
Getting With the Times

Ben is like many men stuck in the old ways of thinking. Back in the day, there was no internet and so there was no way of getting around having to visit a sex shop for sexual devices, guides, etc. but we’re not living in the stone ages anymore.
Whatever men and women desire, as far as sexual aids and devices go, is literally at their fingertips. Whips, restraints, candles, sex guides, vibrators, fleshlights, you name it, it’s online. When it comes to the all-important penis growth department, there is also a plethora of options available to men looking to enhance their size, and therefore, range of sexual prospects.
A Creamy Solution

Penis lengthening creams are by far the safest way to increase a man’s penis size, period. (TRY: Creams for Penis Length Increase) Instead of causing bruising and swelling (and possibly fracturing) your penis by using cock rings, penis pumps, and penis exercises, or opting for potentially hazardous surgical procedures, creams can effect change without causing harm.
They can do this because of their transdermal properties, that is to say that they penetrate deep into the penile tissues, saturating them with tiny hormonal particles which stimulate tissue and nerve growth, and therefore penis lengthening.
Combined with healthy lifestyle choices such as not abusing alcohol, smoking marijuana, sitting around on the couch eating chips, and instead exercising, and eating healthy foods, a man can catapult his penis into a whole new world of living large! So take your penis size growth seriously and invest in it now.

What to do

Penis Lengthen Creams Guide - Added Erectile Length

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