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That Occasional Ouch: Why A Tipped Uterus Can Cause Conjugal Complaints

She and her boyfriend have been having sex for just a few months. She has recently begun having pains. She had to stop having sex due to this issue. She doesn’t understand where the pain is coming from, or why it occurs. What can she do to get the good feelings of sex back again?

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My boyfriend and I started having sex a few months ago and it was amazing sex. Everything was going okay for a long time until just recently when I started having pains at times. It got pretty bad to the point that we just stopped having sex. I don't know where this pain is coming from but it bugs me a lot and this is the reason we stopped having sex. It goes away at times but it will just come back randomly. It's like sometimes I can't feel what's going on. Anyways, is there a way that I can get my vagina to start feeling the actual good feelings of sex again? I want this, how can I get it?


It sounds to me as though you’re suffering from a tipped uterus. Because this problem occurred fairly recently after you started having sex, it definitely sounds as though this could be the culprit. There’s nothing dangerous about having this problem, it’s known as a retroverted uterus, but it can be problematic in bed. A tipped or tilted uterus is a uterus that faces backwards towards your lower back, rather than forwards towards your belly. The shape of its position causes the penis, during intercourse, to bang into the uterus in a way that it’s not meant to, causing pain and cramping.

Not In-Shape

This uterine shape can also cause more painful menstrual cramps, and sometimes problems with procreation. In this position, the apex of the uterus is quite near the lower back, so when the uterus contracts during menstruation, the cramps are felt throughout the abdomen and lower back, rather than restricted to the front of the lower abdomen. Sperm does not so easily meet the fallopian tubes in this arrangement, so having a child can become more difficult. However, pregnancy is not influenced past the point of conception; the uterus naturally falls forward when the fetus reaches a large enough size.

Penile Problems

As I mentioned above, your occasional pain is related to how the penis is interacting with the position of the uterus. If you wish to avoid this problem, there are two potential solutions you can try, separately, or together! The first is to have sex in positions that put the penis in a friendlier position to the uterus. Positions that are face-to-face, rather than back-to-belly, will afford you more comfort. Being on top will give you more control of how deep the action goes, and missionary—modified with a pillow under your buttocks or in normal mode—should be a pleasant sensation.

Pain-Free Pills

The second aspect of controlling your pain is to take an ibuprofen a bit before you begin intercourse. The reason you’re feeling pain at all is due to the inflammatory nature of a specific hormone, which is responding to the pressure of the penis in a sensitive area. Prostaglandin E2 causes a bruising response to occur at the site of injury, resulting in pain, sensitivity, and occasionally cramping. Ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, such as aspirin, prevent this chemical reaction from taking place, keeping you pain-free during your playtime.

Sensual Sensation

The final recommendation I have for you is to try a supplement containing the amino acid L-Arginine. (TRY: Sexual Sensitivity Enhancement Herbal Formula) Arginine is converted in the body into Nitric Oxide, a chemical responsible for female sexual response through the opening of the capillaries of the female erotic area. This compound will increase your sexual pleasure, and help you to forget the pain you’ve felt before. Good luck!

What to do

Arginine For Better Female Sexual Sensitivity

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death between men and women. A whopping 64 million Americans suffer from cardiovascular disease. And while a healthy heart may attribute to longevity, so too will a healthy sex life

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