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Gone to Pot: How Guys Get Burned Sexually Smoking Marijuana

He can’t get an erection anymore, and he’s only 22! Healthy eater, doesn’t overmasturbate, healthy sex life until recently. Only one thing stands out: he smokes marijuana. Is this the issue? What can he do about this problem?
Case #:1973

I’ve been having some problems about sex, I can’t get hard anymore. A little about me: I’ve been smoking pot since I was 15, about seven years now. I eat pretty healthy, don’t work out, but walk a lot. I don’t masturbate too much, usually have a girlfriend. I’ve never had this problem until lately. No other problems. Can you help me?

You should definitely not be having a problem with impotence at twenty-two. Especially since the problem has begun recently, I think it’s safe to say that you don’t have a chronic venous leak or an enlarged prostate. I’d put my money on marijuana being the cause behind your erection malfunctions.
What Makes a Man?

Why do I say this? Because smoking marijuana has been proven to cut testosterone levels. In case you haven’t heard, you really need testosterone in your life, if you plan on having most of the things males do, such as erections, a sex drive, and a nice-looking penis. Bosh, you might be saying, how could marijuana possibly interfere with testosterone production? Well, it all starts in the brain.
THC Troubles

As most of us know, the active ingredient in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. THC has an interesting effect on the brain—blocking receptors in the hypothalamus. So? So, the hypothalamus is responsible for releasing a specific hormone known as GnRH. GnRH exists to tell the pituitary gland to produce two gonadotrophins—LH and FSH—which in turn serve to key the Leydig cells of the testes to create testosterone.
That means when you smoke marijuana, all hormone production stemming from the hypothalamus is derailed. For our purposes, however, the lack of testosterone is enough to account for your missing erections.

Testosterone is a necessary precursor for the chemical compound nitric oxide. NO is almost the sole responsible party for giving you erections—you need it to allow blood to enter the penis at all. No testosterone, no nitric oxide, no boner. You’ll also notice a reduction in the size of your testicles, if you haven’t already, and your penis will probably shrink over time, due to a lack of growth hormone that’s being blocked by the THC in your brain.
Weed Beater

Ouch! Sounds like you need to weed weed out of your life. But in the meantime, there’s a way to get your erections back, and to help your body make up for the testosterone deficiency you’re currently experiencing.
It’s called Maca, and it contains a heap of phytochemicals—plant hormones that help your body to replace what it’s missing. (TRY: Maca for Fighting Impotence) It’s a great way to get your systems back in order, and you’ll definitely see quick results. Phytochemicals quickly integrate into the body, and what isn’t used, is passed on. Don’t continue to castrate yourself; restore your love life and your lungs in one fell swoop.

What to do

Maca The Impotence Fighter

Part of the mustard family, Maca belongs to a storied genus that grows mostly in Peru.

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