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Come Quickly Now – The Real Cause of Premature Ejaculation

More and more young guys are experiencing premature ejaculation, and it's not because women are getting hotter. Learn the real facts, and take control of the situation.

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I don't last nearly as long as I used to. Sometimes I only last ten minutes and this is really frustrating me. I notice that after sex I feel really sad. Could masturbation be the cause behind all of this? I used to do this to some degree since I was the age of 14 and for a really long time following my divorce. Is there anything that will help my time increase?


Could masturbation be the cause behind all this premature ejaculation? If you have to ask, the answer is usually yes. Masturbation is almost always the evil catalyst behind your sexual dysfunction, unless your partner's vagina is enchanted with some kind of orgasmic witch magic (now there's a great plot for a cheesy erotica novel).

This doesn't mean that you need to completely rid the masturbation from your life, but it does mean you'll probably want to save more of your love juice for the main event. But before we get any more crude, let's take a look at what's really going on.

Masturbation – It's What's for Dinner

Chronic masturbation doesn't just make your problems go away for 5 minutes; it also depletes your brain and spinal fluids of key neurotransmitters like acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin, along with important sex hormones like testosterone and DHEA.

These oddly named organisms play a pivotal role in your sexual performance, and if they're not in balance, your nerves and prostate can begin to malfunction when you need them most. This probably explains why you feel sad after sex – I mean, there's nothing sadder than disappointing a woman who's actually willing to have sex with you.

Is This Fixable?

If you're struggling to get your masturbation compulsion under control, just remember what you're saving it for. And if that's not enough, I believe I have a solution for you. Every time you're tempted to masturbate, just pull out your smartphone and start playing Flappy Bird instead.

Before you know it, five hours will pass you by and you'll forget you were ever horny in the first place. All kidding aside, speak to a counselor; confide in your partner; picture your grandmother. Do whatever you have to do to get a grip on your incessant grip, or the consequences of over-masturbation will only get worse over time.

The Solution

In addition to compulsion control, you'll need to restore your neurotransmitters and hormones to their optimal levels. Sometimes moderation isn't enough, so I'm going to recommend an herbal remedy that contains healthy botanicals like Gardenia, Os Draconis, Schisandra and Passion Flower. (SEE: Natural Formula for Premature Ejaculation & Ejaculatory Nerve Control) If you couple that with a healthy sex life, you'll start to feel better, you'll last longer, and your sexual escapades will leave you feeling happy rather than sad. So smile and enjoy the ride.

What to do

Herbal Nourishing Pills for Ejaculatory Nerves & Premature Ejaculation

Stop premature ejaculation caused by a leaky penis, over masturbation and performance anxiety issues. If you notice your endurance levels declining, it may be time to put a stop to your issues now.

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