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Not Like a Virgin Anymore: What Happened in Three Months of Marriage To Make Her Loose?

She was a virgin, now, three months after marriage; she thinks her vagina is loose. Her husband has difficulty finishing, and sometimes doesn’t even find pleasure in intercourse. How has her vagina become loose so quickly? How can she tighten it again?

Case #: 1689


Why is my vagina loose?! I don't understand how this could be. 3 months ago I was still a virgin, until I got married, and I have never had any kids. I feel like my vagina is really loose, and part of that is because my husband takes forever to finish and sometimes he doesn't even feel it to be pleasurable. How can I tighten my vagina? It almost seems like I have had sex with multiple guys on how loose I am.


I continue to be surprised at how women think they can judge their “looseness” or “tightness”. It’s a completely subjective quality. To some men, certain vaginas feel tight, to other, smaller men, they don’t. It’s the same for women. To be quite honest, at three months out, you’ve probably just gotten over the initial pain, discomfort, and confusion of the initial stages of sex, and are just now beginning to truly be aroused. This arousal is what is making your vagina feel loose to you, because during this stage it IS larger.

What Is Loose?

However, this doesn’t mean your vagina is loose, or that it will be so large at all times. The size of your vagina can increase by two hundred percent during arousal—this keeps sex from being painful, as the average vagina is only normally about three inches long.

With these facts in mind, I can tell you how you can cause your vagina to “feel” tighter during sex, and how to contract it so as to give the illusion of tightness. You shouldn’t be ashamed of your vagina; it’s doing a completely normal thing. Also, for future reference, having multiple partners does not stretch vaginas. I know that’s a common idea, but it’s a very outdated, and rather judgmental, one.

Stretchier Than You Think

Almost nothing does stretch vaginas—they are very elastic by nature. They’d have to be, to survive birth! Childbirth can stretch the vagina for a small amount of time, and the more births, the less the vagina snaps back. Age, as well, can cause the vagina to lose tightness and tone, but is related to hormonal imbalances, rather than sexual experience.

And One, And Two, And Three...

In your case, you can feel tighter within a few days. All you need to do is some vaginal strength training exercises. These can by done by using Kegel weights. (SEE: Loose Vagina Restoration with Kegel Balls) A Kegel weight is a small, contoured weight that is placed inside the vagina, and held there with the vaginal muscles. The action of holding something inside the vagina, strengthens the muscles of contraction, and teaches which muscles to use to compress the vaginal walls.

Quick Results

By this method, the vaginal walls feel tighter, as the muscles surrounding them increase in size. And, because you’ve learned how to contract and release your vaginal muscles, you can grip your husband’s penis as tightly as you like, giving him all the sensation he could possibly desire. I promise you, he’ll feel something when you grab him like that. I’m sure your uxorial life will be better than ever with the addition of these few exercises. Good luck!

What to do

Kegel Balls For Vaginal Looseness and Incontinence

If you’ve ever constructed a paper airplane, you’ve noticed the short lifespan of paper.

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