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He Rubbed Out One Too Many; Now He’s Rubbed Off His Nerve Endings Because Of Overmasturbation!

He’s a regular masturbator, but he’s recently developed a lack of sensation on his penis. He’s able to get hard, but when it comes to feelings—well, he just doesn’t have any. It’s preventing him from orgasm, and he’s worried about what’s happened. Does circumcision play a part?
Case #: 2045

I don’t know what happened but lately it seems like I can’t feel anything on my penis. I would say that I jack off pretty regularly, but all of a sudden I can’t feel anything! I can get hard, but I can’t cum, and it doesn’t feel good when I touch it. I’m circumcised, but it’s never been an issue before. Please help!

Don’t worry just yet; I think this is only a temporary problem. Especially with circumcised men, the penis can become desensitized due to over masturbation. Similar to the way in which we all develop calluses on those parts of our bodies which are often in contact with something else—say, on your hands, from shoveling, or on your feet, from walking barefoot—you can also develop a callous on your penis from too much rubbing and chafing.
Too Much Off the Tip

Being circumcised already puts you at risk for this potentiality. The foreskin protects the penis, keeping the tissues underneath thin and delicate—as well as chock-full of nerve endings. When this is removed, the entire penis is equally exposed to the harsh world, a world of rough underwear and rougher hand jobs. This results in your penis developing a slightly thicker skin, and pushing those delicate nerve endings further under the skin.
However, this state doesn’t allow much for masturbation. Therefore, you then have to exert a lot more pressure in your grip on your manhood when you’re attempting to get off. This only exacerbates the issues—thickening the skin even more, and reducing stimuli to the nerve endings.
Too Hard, Too Hard!

Especially if you regularly engage in this tougher style of touching yourself, and you end up chafing or irritating the skin, the body will respond as if to an actual wound or abrasion. This means creating scar tissue over the area, reducing vascularization, and promoting the production of certain prostaglandins. These prostaglandins lie in wait, as it were, for you to aggravate the site again, then they bond with chemicals produced onsite to cause pain, bruising, and further scarring. It’s a vicious cycle.
The Skin You’re In

What you’re dealing with right now is definitely a build-up of skin—be it scar tissue, or normal—as well as potentially negative prostaglandin feedback. You need to allow your penis a chance to rest and recover before you return to your old ways. It’s extremely important not to inflame the area further, so you need to resist the urge to rub one out.
Be Mr. Sensitive

The most important thing you can do besides giving your penis a rest is beginning a supplement that promotes dopamine production. (TRY: Mucuna Pruiens for Penile Restoration) As your penis is unlikely to ever be as sensitive as the penis of a man with a foreskin, anything you can do to increase dopaminergic production will assist your brain in feeling sensation. You will begin to notice results almost as soon as you begin the treatment, and I specifically suggest the herb Mucuna Pruriens. It has been proven to increase dopamine through its high levels of levadopa—a forerunner to the neurochemical.
Don’t give your penis or yourself any more stress. Take a break, increase your sensitivity, and then see how much better everything is working out.

What to do

Improving Penile Stimulation with Mucuna Pruiens

Jose spent years abusively masturbating. He masturbated before breakfast.

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