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Put an End to the ‘ol Pop and Drop with the Stop-Start Technique

A man is concerned about his lack of control with regards to climaxing too soon. How can he hope to correct this common issue if he wants to have a lasting sexual relationship?
Case #: 2011

Hello – I came across your wonderful website and have been looking for a way to increase my sexual endurance.
My last girlfriend just broke up with me because of my inability to please her in the sack. I can get it up but I bust too early and then she’d get pissed off at me since she couldn’t get an orgasm. What can I do?
Larry was at a crossroads in his relationship with Amanda. They’d been a couple for five years, and over that time something had changed, and that something was Larry’s ability to control his ejaculations.
Whereas in the beginning of their relationship Larry had control over his climaxing, these days he’d be lucky to last 5 minutes. Needless to say, Amanda was not happy. Indeed, when they first began dating, she jokingly called him “Long Lasting Larry,” and he took pride in that nickname. In recent times however, she came up with a phrase which was much less flattering in relation to Larry’s sexual prowess; when lying in bed next to him after having sex she said “Nice pop n’ drop.”
This only added to Larry’s anxiety when it came to sex, and he became paranoid and fearful of having sex with Amanda at all. Sex went from something that Larry would look forward to, to something to be avoided and shunned, and it wasn’t long before Amanda hit the road for greener pastures.

Just as with Larry, thousands of men suffer from the sexual dysfunction known as premature ejaculation each and every day. After a few minutes of loving, they suddenly explode and then flop down in bed right next to a very dissatisfied and disappointed lover.
For some men, the culprit is just having an over sensitive penis, while others can be under an extreme amount of stress, which causes them to pop too early. Needless to say, this can not only end relationships, but also cause men further grief since they can come to dread having sex with future partners, instead of looking forward to it.
In surveys, women unanimously site a man’s endurance as of the utmost importance. If a man isn’t able to last long enough to please a woman, and enable her to get a nice orgasm or two, more likely than not she’ll bolt just as Amanda did. So how can you prevent that from happening?
The Technique That Keeps on Giving

Nothing is better for an oversensitive pecker than gradually raising its sensitivity threshold, and that’s just what the Stop-Start technique does. (TRY: Stop-Start for Controlled Ejaculations) In order to use this technique properly, you must:

  1. Stimulate your penis until aroused enough to get an erection.
  2. Either begin masturbating or having sex.
  3. When you start getting to that happy-happy stage where you feel like climaxing, stop!
  4. Pause for a while but don’t lose your erection.
  5. Repeat 2 through 4 several more times.

Doing this will bring you to the point of ecstasy and then force your penis to shut down. Eventually, you’ll be able to hold back for longer and longer periods of time. For men who find it difficult to maintain an erection during the pause phase, using lube can keep the penis nice and hard for the next go-round. There are some all-natural lubes and herbal supplements which can greatly enhance your erection quality.
So become that longer lasting lover that you always wanted to be with the Stop-Start technique!

What to do

Stop-Start Technique For Premature Ejaculation

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