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Puffing Your Penis Size Away – Nicotine: The Hidden Culprit

A young Asian male has been noticing an ever shrinking member downstairs and is starting to get worried because it is not growing back. Is there a link between his chronic smoking and penile shrinkage?

Case #: 1936


I’m an Asian male in my 20s and I do smoke a lot of cigarettes. I’ve been smoking since I was 14 and smoke about a pack a day.

About two years ago I noticed that my penis got a lot smaller maybe by a whole inch! A friend of mine who I trust told me that this is probably caused by too much smoking but I refused to believe. Now I’m starting to think he is right because it is not getting bigger only smaller. Please help me.


Chen had been in the United States for only five years. His parents had moved him there to begin a new life and to give their son better opportunities for his future. They had arrived from mainland China with not much, but his father quickly got a job and then started his own business from help from local Chinese community groups.

Chen’s parents urged him to go to school and he did just that, excelling in the Electronic Information field of study. He also started seeing a “nice Chinese girl” as his parents also had urged him to do in order to stay out of trouble, and he found that as well.

Smoking and Size

As Chen’s studies and relationship progressed, so did his big ugly habit: smoking cigarettes. Although he and his parents had come from a humble background and Chen hadn’t been involved with gangs or any other serious trouble, Chen had grown up watching Hong Kong cop/gangster movies, especially ones from the 1990s. One thing that most of the HK movie stars had in common is that they chain smoked, and so he took on the habit as well.

One day while lying in bed with his girlfriend, she teased him about his penis getting smaller every time that she saw him. At first he played it off but then he realized that she could be right, he just couldn’t figure out what could be causing his shrinkage.

Culture Clash

In many cultures it is still seen as okay and “cool” to smoke cigarettes. Even after many people move to countries where the majority of the population do not smoke, such as the United States, recent immigrants tend to stay in their own communities and see no reason to change their old ways.

Nicotine, a highly toxic element found in cigarettes, can cause the constriction of arteries within the body including the penis. This unfortunate process doesn’t happen overnight, but in small degrees with each puff of a cigarette. Over years and years of chronic cigarette smoking, men can experience a loss of penile size because of this.

As nicotine constricts the veins within the penis further and further, the local blood supply that normally engorges the penis in order to produce an erection is increasingly inhibited from entering the tiny interconnected blood chambers. This can result in going from a sausage, to a small wiener, and eventually something that looks like a toddler penis. So how can one reverse this problem?


There are all-natural creams available that can help to not only put a stop to penile shrinkage, but can actually help to provide growth. (TRY: Penis Enlargement Cream for Smokers) They can help to break the constricting chains of nicotine by detoxifying your blood, and unblocking those stopped-up choke points within your penile veins.

They can also help to stimulate blood flow toward the penis and promote penile tissue growth for size improvements. In addition to that, these creams are specially formulated to penetrate deep into the epidermal layer and help to expand the tiny interconnected blood chambers which normally engorge with blood, expanding them and allowing them to hold more blood for longer lasting and firmer erections.

So make penile shrinkage a thing of a past and re-fertilize your beanstalk with a powerful all-natural solution!

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