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A Cock Ring Of A Different Color, For Improved Erections

Throughout the years, many a pleasurable item has been revamped and manufactured a different way. Behold the new version of the cock ring!
Case #: 1906

Lately, I haven't been able to hold an erection for any long period of time. I can't get through sex with my wife without going limp at least once. Is there anything out there that could help me with my problem?
If you've ever used a traditional cock ring, you know how awkwardly they function. The metal is usually cold and unforgiving. Sometimes the thing is so chilly, that it literally scares your erection right away.
Luckily, as we have evolved throughout the years, so have our pleasure devices. Gone are the days of carefully threading your penis and scrotum through a cold metal ring in order to sustain an erection throughout a hefty bought of intercourse.
The Great Divide

No longer must we wait for that harsh metal to be removed from our genitals in order to actually have an orgasm. These days it's all about technology and what it can do for you.
My New Ring

In the golden age of technology, and through the power of tiny lithium batteries, we are able to shake, rattle, and roll our way to climax. Vibrating cock rings work especially great for men who experience some mild trouble getting it up and keeping it up.
The vibration of the ring is able to stimulate better blood circulation within the chambers inside of the shaft of the penis. Giving you a greater chance of maintaining an erection throughout an entire sexual session.
And the best part is, you no longer have to work tirelessly to fit both your penis and scrotum through a small loop. The vibrating rings come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and needs only to secure around the base of the penis.
Circled For Her Pleasure

Because a vibrating ring is typically made out of a pliable material such as silicone or rubber, they usually also feature a stimulus for that special woman in your life as well. The best way for your significant other to get the ultimate bang for her buck, is to get on top of you while the ring is set to vibrate. While she is riding you, she should lean slightly forward so that her clitoris is grinding on your pelvic bone, or the female stimulation feature of the ring.
You may also try much of the same idea with you on top. Just let her set the pace of the grinding by holding on to your hips or backside.
The invention of the new and improved cock rings has greatly improved mild erectile dysfunctions, while also increasing the sexual pleasure of women tenfold. (TRY: Vibrating Cock Rings for Weak Erections) There's no better time than the present to jump on this vibrating horse!

What to do

Vibrating Cock Ring Guide - Helping Unsustainable & Weak Erection

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