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420 Reasons Why You're Young and Impotent

Do you love to smoke weed? Are you having a hard time “getting it up,” so to speak? There may be a connection here. Learn about the shocking link between cannabis use and erectile dysfunction.

Case #: 1434


I’m depressed, not because of my weight, not because of abuse, and not because of my looks. I’m depressed because of my impotence. I cannot get an erection despite all the attempted means to gain one. I watch porn, think of my partner, even apply stimulation to my penis, but still, I remain flaccid. Here’s an outlook of my current health:

  • Smokes pot daily
  • Masturbates five to six times a week
  • 26 years old
  • Exercises often

What could be the cause of my current problems?


At 26 years old, impotence would definitely be depressing. After all, there's a reason you don't typically see college kids in those “male enhancement” commercials. Erectile dysfunction particularly impacts the older folks, and that's the way it should be. I mean, no one wants to picture their grandparents getting it on, and so God created impotence as a safeguard against disturbing octogenarian sex (that may not actually be a quote from any mainstream religious text).

But I digress. When younger guys experience the devastation of having a lifeless penis dangling between their legs, there are almost always lifestyle factors to blame. In your case, it sounds like the culprit may be a combination of marijuana and over-masturbation.

The Dark Side of the 420 Life

Masturbation is fun. Smoking marijuana is fun. Put them together, and you're truly partying like a rock star...albeit, alone In your room. It may surprise you to learn, however, that marijuana use is a key cause of impotence, particularly in young men. I don't mean to harsh your buzz, but cannabis causes your body to overproduce inflammatory hormones like prostaglandin E-2, which causes your arteries to become constricted. As a result, blood cannot flow properly, and your erection slowly becomes an obsolete distant memory, like compact discs, pogs, and Chris Kattan.

When you masturbate excessively, you're only piling onto the problem even more. Masturbation also raises your prostaglandin E-2 levels, while depleting important hormones like testosterone and DHEA. If you want to get the problem under control, I'm afraid your game plan will have to include kicking the marijuana habit and cutting back on the masturbation. I know you're probably thinking, “Just kill me now,” but just think of how much it will benefit your sex life.

When Going Straight Isn't Enough

Unfortunately, it can take considerable time for your body to repair itself from a hormonal imbalance, even if you do everything in your power to turn over a new leaf (preferably not a cannabis leaf). To speed up the process, I would recommend an herbal remedy formulated for cannabis detoxification. (TRY: Herbal Marijuana Detoxification for Erection Restoration) Herbs like Bupleurum, Alima Plantago, Milk Thistle and Cuscuta will help to improve your liver function and get your prostaglandin E-2 levels under more control much more quickly than you could hope to do on your own. So enjoy good health, and remember: Just say no to self-love (I mean drugs).

What to do

Cannabis Detoxification for Poor Erection Recovery

For young people suffering from impotence caused by abusive masturbation, Cannabis Detox can eliminate toxins and improve erectile capacity once again.

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