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Life in the Slow Lane: Going from Multiple Orgasms to None after a Hysterectomy

One year after a hysterectomy, she still cannot orgasm. This is a complete reversal of what she once achieved: multiple orgasms in one session. She doesn’t need to turn back the clock to those days, but she does want to again feel the pleasures of sex.
Case #:1526

I am a female and had a hysterectomy a little over a year ago. Ever since, I have been having a terrible time trying to achieve orgasm. Before the hysterectomy, I was able to achieve up to three orgasms in one session. There were times where it was so many orgasms my uterus would start to contract, and that was very pleasurable. Now all I want is to have one orgasm. Please help.

After a hysterectomy, your body is not the same as it was before. This isn’t to say it’s worse, just different. Don’t worry - you’re not less feminine, less desirable or less sexual. Many mature women even discover facets of intercourse that are more pleasurable and more liberating than in their younger years. But getting to this point this will require time and patience on your behalf.
Loss of Sensation

One fact associated with hysterectomy that rarely gets discussed is the loss of sensation women experience. This is the result of nerves, which get severed and/or damaged during hysterectomy surgeries. A complex system of nerves and blood vessels traverses a woman’s pelvic region. Although nerves that extend from the clitoris, vagina and uterus are each different, they cross and intersect at various points. Any change to one set therefore affects the other, meaning your genitals are irrevocably linked to each other.
Nerves are the crucial keys behind orgasm. They transfer messages to the brain so you reach climax in the first place. Once damaged or altered, the message pathways stop effectively working. This accounts for the loss of sensation in your genitals and also explains why orgasm is more difficult - if not impossible - to reach.
Decline in Orgasm Quality

A hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus and, in some cases, the cervix. Both of these organs connect to each other as well as the vagina. Removing them changes a woman’s pelvic anatomy - the vagina becomes shorter and other organs compress inward. In addition to the surgery itself, these vicissitudes can also influence your sense of sensation. Some nerves become blocked, others become damaged. Orgasms suffer as a result.
But the uterus as a whole also responds during orgasm. As you said, yours’ once contracted as you climaxed. Losing this organ can diminish the strength and quality of orgasms, especially when it comes to G-spot stimulation. A better alternative now may be to enjoy clitoral stimulation, which is more likely to bring you to orgasm even if the pleasure is not as intense as it once was.
Changes in Hormones

While a hysterectomy renders direct change to the genitals, they also undergo natural transformations with age. During childbearing years, a woman’s body produces high levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Those levels wane after age 30 and significantly drop after age 40.
Hormones are critical to the vagina’s overall health. They keep muscles firm and tight, promote lubrication during arousal and encourage a strong libido. Once these hormones decline, the vagina becomes dryer and more brittle. Sometimes it sags, and personal lubrication drops to little or none. The point is that hormones help prompt healthy sexual responses. Their decline is likely to change everything from your desire for sex to your ability to enjoy it.
Life after Hysterectomy

Despite the gloom and doom of this information, your moments of sexual pleasure are not at an end. Your focus now should be on repairing the damaged nerves and tissues in your vagina. Start with an herbal restoration formula blended with ingredients like Grape Seed and Licorice. (TRY: Herbal Formula for Women Sexual Health Regeneration) These and other herbs will also balance hormones and enhance sensitivity. You’ll again reach orgasm, and it’ll feel better than you even think possible. From that point you can experiment with sex and find new ways to embrace your more mature body.

What to do

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