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Two Health Problems, Two People, No Sex: His Erectile Dysfunction Caused by Hypertension Has Cooled the Marital Bed

As a man with hypertension, he’s at risk for numerous health complications. The one foremost on his mind is erectile dysfunction. He admits he cannot get hard and therefore cannot make love to his wife. Meanwhile, she’s in her prime sexual years. He needs an herbal remedy to improve blood flow to his penis and return to his wife’s bed.
Case #: 1931

I am 46 years old and cannot have sex. Let me correct myself – I cannot hold an erection. I get semi-hard for a few minutes but lose it before I ejaculate. My wife has been very kind and never says anything to embarrass or degrade me. However, she’s five years younger and in the prime of her sexuality. Can you recommend something to give me back my erections? I should also tell you I have hypertension. Thank you.

Roughly 78 million Americans have hypertension, according to the American Heart Association. Also known as high blood pressure, this condition stresses organs and damages blood vessels. Hypertension also causes erectile dysfunction (ED). That’s right…this problem with the arteries has far-reaching complications.
The Causes of ED

When it comes to ED, the general perception is also generally wrong. A common myth tells men that watching porn can cause ED. Other people believe erectile dysfunction is a natural part of the aging process. Still others claim it only afflicts men over age 40.
Here’s the truth: ED effects males of all ages and, as health problems like obesity and diabetes become more common, can be found in increasingly younger men. Porn addiction has yet to be linked to ED – over-masturbation can make it difficult for a man to get hard, but this has nothing to do with porn. Although ED frequently plagues older men, it is not an inevitable part of aging.
As for the cause of ED, you might be surprised to learn it commonly suggests a problem with cardiovascular health. Hypertension, for instance, can cause arteries to rupture or become blocked. These conditions impede blood flow, meaning blood going to the penis may be restricted. A lack of blood leads to ED.
Implications for Your Sex Life

Many men link their masculinity to sexual performance. Those who have ED cannot perform and therefore feel diminished. These thoughts and feelings can poison a relationship and turn partners against each other.
An important part of ED is understanding it doesn’t necessarily denote a sexual problem. As in your case, the problem is hypertension. You aren’t in a loveless marriage, you haven’t strayed, and you want to have sex with your wife. Many women whose partners have ED immediately think the problem lies in the relationship. Some even accuse their lovers of cheating.
These potential problems confirm the need for open and honest communication between you and your wife. A study from Hawton and colleagues revealed men handle ED best when they share their thoughts with partners. With this in mind, feel free to let your wife know how you feel, and ask for her feedback in return.
Do Something for Yourself

Of course you can do something about ED. You don’t have to sit helplessly and allow this condition to wreak havoc on your life. But take care – many pills and medications used to treat ED interfere with blood pressure prescriptions.
You can skip the risky traditional route altogether and get your sex life back on course with an all-natural remedy. (TRY: Natural Ejaculation Control for Men with High Blood Pressure) Unlike prescription drugs, herbs work in harmony with the body’s natural responses. Some of the most beneficial herbs for ED include Grape Seed, Nacre and Tribulus. Each of these performs a specific function, but when blended together, they balance testosterone levels and rejuvenate damaged nerves/tissues in the penis. The results are firm erections so you can make love to your wife.
For your concerns, we specifically recommend Rejuven Calm with Grape Seed Extract Oil. It is formulated with multiple herbs to stabilize blood pressure and counteract erectile dysfunction. You and your wife will both be in your sexual primes as you show her what a loving husband can do.

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SOS Herbal Remedies For Fast Release Ejaculation with High Blood Pressure

Repair and rejuvenate damaged blood vessels and nerve endings caused by high blood pressure.

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