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Keep Him Pumping! How to Reverse Erectile Dysfunction Caused by High Blood Pressure

A forty-five year old man is having erectile issues, as well as high blood pressure. His wife wants to know, are they related, and, if so, what can be done about the problem?
Case #: 1992

My husband is too nervous to talk to his doctor about this, but I have a question. Our sex life was always fine, until recently, when he was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Now, he can barely seem to get an erection. Is this due to his high blood pressure, or something else? What can he do about it? He’s forty-five.

Your husband is well on his way to that period in a man’s life that we call andropause. That means he’s going to begin having all kinds of hormonally related issues, and repercussions running the gamut from mental to physical. However, I think you’re correct in guessing that right now, the problem is the result of his high blood pressure.
High Blood Pressure, Low Sexual Ability

In fact, hypertension is a huge problem for sexual function in both males and females. With blood constantly pushing through constricted veins and arteries, vascular systems quickly become strained, either bursting completely—in the smaller capillaries, found in the clitoris and labia—or by becoming utterly stretched out and lax, unable to hold or feed blood properly. This sort of issue is commonly found in men suffering erectile dysfunction.
Blood and Boner

The penis is essentially a giant artery, with some attached spongy space to hold all the blood. Well, when that artery is stretched out and limp, you won’t be seeing much of a firm erection in the near future. The spongy tissues—corpora cavernosa, to be specific—lose their ability to maintain proper engorgement after continual pressure. These tissues need to be rejuvenated before an erection can again occur properly.
Always Holding Back

The pressure of blood upon the muscles that control the penis further damages the penis. These muscles are in constant action to ensure no blood enters the penis until the proper time comes. When a man has high blood pressure, these muscles have to work much harder than they would normally. It then takes more than the usual amount of the relaxant chemical nitric oxide to allow blood to flow into the penis. Without proper amounts of this imperative compound, the penis will not relax enough for blood to fully enter.
Common Ground

While both of these problems seem quite disparate in nature, there is a simple, natural solution that can work to treat both of them. As long as your husband has begun to control his hypertension, there’s no reason not to begin treating the negative side effects of his disease. I stress that the high blood pressure itself must be addressed; otherwise the cure will have almost no effect.
Nice and Natural

Without further ado, might I introduce you to Tribulus? (SEE: Tribulus for Fighting Erectile Dysfunction) It’s the phytochemical-rich plant that’s going to save your love life. When I say a plant contains phytochemicals that means that when it is ingested, it can be used by the body to replace missing hormones. Right now, your husband needs a boost of testosterone, both to restore health to his genitals, and to stimulate the production of nitric oxide.
I don’t recommend taking pure testosterone, however, especially with high blood pressure. Instead, Tribulus will ease your husband’s body back into male normalcy. Regular consumption of this herb will improve erection quantity and quality, without harming a hair on his head. I highly recommend you give this supplement a try. I think it’s just what you’re looking for.

What to do

Fight E.D. with Tribulus

Freddy had a healthy sex life. He had a life most men envied. He dated all the prettiest girls.

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