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Va-SUCK-tomy–When Getting Things Snipped Doesn’t Go So Well

Here we will be helping a 41-year old male who is having problems getting it up.If that weren’t enough,he’s also suffering from premature ejaculations.Does his vasectomy have anything to do with all of this?



I've had one surgery in my life--a vasectomy when I was 23 years-old.I have always exuded an excessive amount of precum from arousal.After my 2nd marriage,I started to battle premature ejaculation problems thanks to the precum.I cannot maintain a sold erection during sex,and I often feel embarrassed to have sex due to the problem.Any advice?


When I was a kid,I’d sometimes visit a friend of the family who owned and operated a fishing vessel.It was a sturdy boat and the salty owner would tell me stories about traveling the seas with it.Incredible fantasies of pulling up the anchor and talking off to some off-the-maps islands would fill my mind,where I could explore it and have crazy-fun adventures.

Being practical,I also thought of how many fish we’d have to catch in order to reach the island,as well as how much fuel and maintenance(if any)that would be required.Nowadays I’ve thought about how a more sophisticated engine would fare,and how it would stack up to an old,reliable diesel engine,such the old friend had aboard his ship.What’s this all have to do with a vasectomy?Read on...

Interconnected Circuits

Think of getting a vasectomy as removing the main circuitry board which monitors and regulates the components within a more modern engine.Just as a mechanic could remove the main board,a doctor could also the main sensory board within your body called the vagus,which connects your penis,testicles,and prostate.

In some cases,a vasectomy may trigger a rapid build-up of sperm inside of a main’s epididymis,and also overtax the prostate,stimulating ejaculatory contractions and result in premature ejaculations.If that weren’t enough,it can also cause a lowering of testosterone leading to softer erections.

In other words,the removal of your engine’s circuitry board may sometimes cause the failure of connectivity between major components and in rare instances complications,resulting in your ship’s engine smoking,leaking,and occasionally sputtering out.So what can you do to fix things?

Transforming into a Ship for the Ages

Aye me hearties-time to pull your ships into a nearby cove for some repairs!(I think that that’s pirate jargon,but it’ll have to do).

Men suffering from these symptoms can initiate repairs by taking powerful calming solutions.(SEE:Premature Ejaculation Calming Formula)Certain potent herbs within these mixtures such as Os Draconis and Jujube can go to work on weakened parasympathetic nerves,re-strengthening them for a return to men having control over their ejaculations.

Others,such as Passion Flower and Schizandra,can re-regulate nervous system functions and greatly reduce overall stress and anxiety levels.Over time,this can lead to eliminating sexual exhaustion within your body and a return to longer lasting,harder erections once again.So when it’s time,you’ll be able to pull your ship out of port,newly repaired,and set course for your own special island filled with fulfilling sexual adventures!

What to do

Calm Pills For Hyperactively Aroused Premature Ejaculation

If you suffer from P.E.problems caused by anxiety or worry,take the formula to calm your spirit.

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