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Hard to Get Hard?–Real Solutions to Chronic Masturbation

A young man is concerned that his masturbatory habits have consumed his life and is causing various unwanted symptoms such as thinning hair and soft erections.How can he get help and turn things around?



I'm a 24 year-old male who has noticed a decline in spontaneous erections and sustained hardness.I suffer from body acne and hair thinning as well.I have been over-masturbating for a while.What can I do to change my ways?


Karl had just been promoted at work and although he was happy with the new position since it came with a pay increase,with it came a lot additional amount of responsibilities.He coped with the stress the only way he knew how;masturbating.

At first it was every day,then it became multiple times per day and he’d even started to run off to the employee bathroom in order to whack the wizard.Karl even almost got caught a few times by fellow workers and had come up with excuses such as saying that the moaning noises he made were just from strenuous defecating(even though it was accompanied by yelling out a porn performer’s name).

After a while,Karl had started to notice that his Mr.Happy started to turn into Mr.Softy and he wasn’t able to“get it up”upon becoming aroused.If that wasn’t a sign of worry,while combing his hair one day he started to notice that his hair had thinned out in places,and he started to get depressed.

Where Do I Go From Here?

Right now you and thousands of other men are at a crossroads just as Karl was.You have a chance to turn things around and“change your ways”but must realize that it takes a real commitment,and not just talk.What you’ve done through your chronic masturbatory habits is exhaust your body sexually which in turn has triggered the release of too much DHT and prostaglandin E-2.

Excessive levels of DHT can cause your hair follicles to become blocked as well as reduce your body’s blood circulation including to your scalp,causing the thinning hair problem.The influx of DHT along with heightened prostaglandin E-2 and histamine levels can cause acne outbreaks which can have you ending up looking like some sort of leper from the medieval times.So just how do you help yourself before it’s too late?

Beyond Talk

Put the wizard away.Yes,refraining from masturbating is step one…not forever;just until your symptoms clear up.

Most men need an addition boost to make sure that their issues are eliminated and that’s where taking a potent herbal solution comes in.(TRY:Natural Hair Loss&Exhaustion Relief Formula)These concoctions can not only help to reduce the factors which contribute to the release of inflammatory prostaglandin E-2,but also supply vitamins and other critical components which help to prevent DHT from bonding to your hair follicles.This can also alleviate those embarrassing acne outbreaks.

Meanwhile,a natural boost in HGH and testosterone can help to restore that animalistic lust you once had as well as the ability to maintain longer-lasting erections.So get those“surprise”morning erections again and take back your sexual libido today!

What to do

Botanical Tincture For Hair Loss&Exhaustion

Forget the hair transplants,try an all-natural tincture for natural hair regrowth.

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