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N-O Orgasm

Woman is unable to orgasm. She tries different positions, watching erotic material, role-playing…nothing works. She fears she has somehow ruined her body. What can she do?

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I try and try to orgasm. I try various positions with my partner. I watch porn with my partner. I even role-play with my partner in hopes of having an easier time reaching an orgasm. No matter what he or I do, I cannot orgasm. Now I fear that I may have ruined my body.


My first question is: why do you think you’ve ruined your body? Have you tried vibrators with no success? Did you use and abuse them in the past, and now you worry you’ve destroyed sensation? If you haven’t been using vibrators to try to achieve orgasm, then I’m not sure why you’re worried you’ve ruined your body. Too much sex? Even if you have been using vibrators, we can heal and restore you to better than you were before.

If your problem has been chronic and long lasting, my advice will hold the same truth—whether your genital region came desensitized, or whether you desensitized it on your own. The problem comes down to a lack of circulation, and a deficiency of Nitric Oxide.

Say Yes to NO

You might have heard that Nitric Oxide, or NO, is imperative for a male to achieve an erection. That’s essentially the mechanism of Viagra, Cialis, and other erection assistors. Nitric Oxide facilitates the engorgement of the male member by relaxing the muscles that hold the blood vessels to the penis closed—allowing it to become engorged with blood.

Nitric Oxide works in the same way for women, although not many women are aware that their lack of orgasm comes from such a deficiency. It’s too bad that the medical community focuses so strongly on the male orgasm and erection problems, and so little on the female orgasm, or lack thereof.

Luckily for us, someone’s been doing research on the subject of the illusive female orgasm. And the findings are decidedly in your favor. For many women, one of the greatest issues with their ability to orgasm is, as I mentioned above, not enough Nitric Oxide. NO allows the clitoris and vaginal tissues to expand, and as they expand, the woman experiences an increase in sensation and pleasure.

Better Living Through Circulation

As I’m not sure whether you have created scar tissue due to excess vibrator usage, I will here recommend the benefits of increasing circulation to your genital area. Better circulation means quicker dispersal of NO, quicker reaction to the NO, and a healthier, more vibrant genital region. The more blood you get to your clitoris, vagina, and g-spot, the better you’re going to respond to stimulation. The engorgement of these organs creates a greater surface area for nerves to be touched, and a thinner membrane between the object providing the stimulation and your nerves.

What to Take and Why

So how does one increase circulation and Nitric Oxide production? Well, increasing NO is actually a quick and simple solution. As NO is created in women by the use of the amino acid L-Arginine, supplementing your diet with L-Arginine will increase NO construction in your body, leaving your more on hand when you need it.

As to increasing circulation and genital health, I recommend an herbal tonic specific to this issue. This formula is created to both increase NO production, stabilize and strengthen the muscles and tissues of the reproductive area through positive phytoestrogens and fatty acids, detoxify the body of negative components, such as excess scar tissue, or inflammatory prostaglandins, and improve circulation to and engorgement of the clitoral and vaginal blood vessels. (SEE: Clitoral & Vagina Sensitivity Formula) I’m sure that by increasing your Nitric Oxide levels and bettering your circulation, you’ll soon be having many an orgasm. Best of luck!

What to do

Natural Renewal Remedy for Vaginal & Clitoral Desensitization

Vaginal abrasion, aging, prescription drugs, birth control medications, oxytocin imbalance, estrogen imbalance, and poor vaginal peripheral circulation may all lead to the desensitization of the G-spot, and the vaginal and clitoral sensitivity...

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