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Botanical Remedy For Groin Pain & Testicular Atrophy

Formula Origins

Healing herbs in this remedy are based on an ancient Chinese medicine formula called Erdi Biejia Decoction (EDBJD), which slow cooked an Amyda turtle’s soft shell to promote enzymatic and mineralization interaction among herbs. This formula no longer use an Amyda turtle's soft shell, but it does make use of extraction technology to isolate the active ingredients of herbs. Animals studies have shown that herbs such as

Achyranthes Root, Cistanche, Cuscuta, Cynomorium, Epimedium, Morinda, Saw Palmetto, Tribulus, and Cnidium can improve testicular healthstop occasional testicle pain after ejaculation.

Benefits include:
  • Increasing testicular circulation and dissolving stagnation that result in groin pain and testicular soreness
  • Improving thickness of seminiferous epithelium layer and reversing testicle atrophy
  • Elevating the number of spermatogenic cells for a higher sperm count
  • Reducing testicular interstitial tissue edema that contributes to groin pain
Formulated To Fix Testicle Pain & Discomfort Based On These Healing Herbs: 
Herbs In Action
Chinese Medicine experts believe Achyranthes Root (Niu Xi) promotes blood circulation and eliminates blood stagnation; in addition, the herb uses its bio-energy to redirect blood flow, which is especially beneficial to the genital and testicular regions. Research has found that Cynomorium increases testicular size and weight by enhancing epididymal sperm production. Scientists have revealed that Cynomorium also stimulates special growth in the form of the Glial Cell-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (GDNF), which promotes the production of sperm cells and makes the testes bigger and heavier. [2]

Achyranthes Root - Improves testicle micro-circulation and bioenergy flow
Cistanche & Cuscuta - Prevents testicle atrophy and rejuvenates testicular tissues
Cynomorium - Increase testicle size and epididymal sperm growth
Epimedium - Increases male sex hormones
Morinda - Modulates testosterone to DHT balance
Saw Palmetto - Stops DHT build up that causes inflammation
Tribulus - Increases testosterone
Cnidium - Promotes testicular wellness

The formula can promote the Glial Cell-Derived Neurotrophic Factors (GDNF) for healthier testicular tissue and help to reduce prostaglandin E-2 thus effectively reduce the inflammation in testicle and prostate areas.
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