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Get Rid Of That Bad Smell

Learn about a woman whose odor problem is ruining her relationships.
Case #:1306

I have a very serious problem, I have a bad smelling vaginal discharge, even my partner smelt it during sex, and that's very embarrassing. It doesn't happen all the time. It can happen this month, and not the following month. I didn't think it was that serious until my partner smelt it too. He even left me for this reason because he said that my vagina stank during sex. I want to know more about the bad smell in my vagina. How could I make it stop?

Any time a woman is experiencing a distinct odor or shift of color in their discharge, it definitely raises a red flag. However, this type of vaginal behavior does not always point to STDs. Sometimes vaginal odor is just a symptom or response of birth control use. Many hormone-based oral contraception will lead to a hormonal imbalance within the body.
Suspicious Odors

One of the most common reactions to an imbalance such as this is bacterial vaginosis. BV leads to odor because there is an imbalance of bacterial flora. This may have come about because of the use of antibiotics or a recent pH imbalance. You can spot BV... Or sniff it out, by the distinct fishy-smelling odor that becomes blatantly obvious after sex. Itching or irritation of the vaginal area and a grayish-white discharge are also symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. If you happen to have an iron deficiency, you could be a likely candidate for bacterial vaginosis.
Prolonged stress and pregnancy are also precursors for BV. If these symptoms remain untreated bacterial vaginosis could progress into more serious complications. You may become more susceptible to STDs, pelvic inflammatory disease, and other complications during pregnancy.
Smelly Problems

Though it is completely possible that your vaginal odor simply stems form, your birth control use, it is also very possible that the situation is a bit more complex. There are many possible roots to vaginal odor. Some possibilities include, but are not limited to; Vaginal cancer, inflammation of the fallopian tubes, Chlamydia, inflammation of the cervix, uterine cancer, and cervical cancer.
How To Fix It

Luckily, you have many options for healing and getting rid of your smelly problem. Firstly, I would recommend a slight change of diet. Eating more fruits and vegetables such as celery and pineapple can help dissipate the vaginal odor. I would also have you stay away from red meat and dairy products as much as you can.
You may also use natural douche products such as St. John's wort or tea tree oil instead of the traditional vinegar based douching products. Utilizing natural herbs such as Pumpkin seed, Yumberry, Fo Ti, Achyranthes Root and Cuscuta will also help your body through the detox process. (TRY: Vaginal Odor Detoxification Remedy) These herbs will improve vaginal circulation, prevent sexual aging, and rejuvenate the genital area.
If your vaginal odor does not improve, I would urge you to seek guidance from your doctor, just in case you have in fact contracted an infection.

What to do

The Sweet Secret of Princess Aroma - Natural Remedy for Vaginal Odor

One common benefit of this formula is a reduced vaginal odor and sweetened vaginal fluids. Scientists believe these herbs can help reduce abnormal vaginal discharge, balance vaginal pH, and increase fructose content in glands to make the endocrine..

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