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Bust Out That Balm: A Salve That Will Save Your Sex Life

A young man is ashamed of how quickly he orgasms. He’s tried many things to keep himself from having an orgasm too soon, but nothing works. He feels it’s interfering with his ability to have relationships. What can this poor guy do to improve his sexual skills?
Case #: 1903

I’m no first-timer, but every time I’m with a woman, I just can’t help myself from cumming too soon. I’ve tried to masturbate ahead of time, and imagining terrible, gross things to distract myself, but nothing works. I think it prevents me from forming fulfilling relationships, because women just don’t want to stick around with a guy who cums so fast.

I feel your pain. It’s got to be so frustrating to never be able to fully satisfy a woman; leaving them wanting more, and willing to search elsewhere for it. However, I’m sure I’ll be able to help you with your problem! Get ready to say good-bye to saying good-bye.
Can’t Hold ‘Em Back

Most women can hypothetically understand how difficult it is for a man to keep from having an orgasm, but theoretical knowledge isn’t enough to outweigh the negative sensations and emotions we have after having the rug of orgasm yanked out from under us. We want to support our partner, and up to a point we’re able to reassure ourselves with the protestations of, “This never happens!” However, eventually the jig, as they say, is up, and we leave in search of greener fields. It’s not you…well, yeah, in this case it is.
You’re Not Alone

One in three men between eighteen and fifty-nine claim to have at least some issue with premature ejaculation, so don’t feel alone in your problem. However, rather than all the hokum about how to keep yourself from release by mental or physical control, for most men I think it’s better to put your faith into actual science. The less sensation you have coming from your penis, the longer you should be able to go without having an orgasm. For some men, wearing a condom is enough to cut the sensitivity and allow them to last. For others, it takes more.
Which is Best?

There are many types of desensitizing cream, ranging from those containing actual topical analgesics such as benzocaine and lidocaine, to those containing more natural ingredients such as clove or mint oils. It’s only personal preference that determines which is best for you. It is important to remember that while using these types of creams or gels, you must also wear a condom, otherwise you will end up numbing the genitals of your partner—something she surely won’t thank you for. Plus you’ll have to wait even longer for her orgasm.
Try It for Yourself

If you’re ready to stop stressing and start enjoying sex, I highly recommend you try one of these creams as a solution. (TRY: Longer Lasting Ejaculation Control Cream) Just make sure to try it on your own first, otherwise you might be surprised at how long you can last after you’ve applied it. You don’t want to wear the poor girl out!
It’s no mystery why the common name for these types of ointments is stamina balm. Some men report their time to orgasm being extended by three hundred percent! And keep communication open with your partner—if she says it’s enough, it’s enough. We don’t need our partners to go all night, but we do want more than just a taste of pleasure. Try one of these salves and I’m sure you’ll be just fine. No more worries!

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Premature Ejaculation Cream Guide - Improved Stamina & Lasting Longer for Men of All Ages

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