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Pushed Too Far: His Sex Drive Has Disappeared, Leaving His Wife Disenchanted, and Him Worried

He’s got an extremely low sex drive that seems to have come out of nowhere. His wife is unhappy, and worries that it’s some problem on her end. He’s looking to restore his libido, and to understand what’s happening to his body.
Case #: 2091

Lately, I just don’t feel any desire for sex. I’m not doing anything differently, but I just never care about having sex the way I used to. My wife is feeling let down, and thinks it must be something to do with her. I also don’t tend to get erections as much as I normally do. I’d be happy to get my libido back, and I know I’d feel a lot better about the situation if I understood what was going on.

It sounds as though you’re suffering from a hormone imbalance. This can arise, seemingly out of the blue, for many reasons. It could be that you’re working too hard, too stressed out, or even as simple as something in your diet or lifestyle. It sounds to me that your problem is due to a testosterone imbalance, which is killing your libido, and your erections.
Wrung Out

All of the instances I mentioned above could be causing your testosterone dearth. Working too hard tends to cause your body to burn out your adrenal glands, trying to keep up with the demands for norepinephrine to keep you going, even when you’d rather not. A large part of your testosterone is produced in the adrenal glands, and with them stuck in adrenaline production, there’s not going to be any testosterone made in the meantime. You need to reduce your body’s need for adrenaline before testosterone will be manufactured again.
Cholesterol Killer

Stress is also a libido killer, due to the prevalence of cortisol in the body whenever stress or anxiety occurs. Cortisol is made from the same base as testosterone—cholesterol—thus, if cortisol levels are sky-high, testosterone levels will be on the opposite end of the seesaw. There’s only so much free cholesterol in the body, and increasing the amount won’t solve the problem either. Stress needs to be decreased before testosterone production is restored.
Lifestyle Considerations

Even diet and exercise can negatively affect testosterone levels. Regular exercise tends to keep testosterone levels in a healthy range, so slacking off on hitting the gym can cause them to fall. Not only that, but a body with a large amount of excess fat can start converting what testosterone does exist into estrogen—a big problem! Many of the foods we eat today contain artificial false estrogens—negative placeholders for a man, such as hormone treated beef—and natural false estrogens—such as beer. It’s a lot to think about for a man in the world today!
Manly Maca

Luckily, I have an easy solution for you to try before you get further caught up in any further worrying and questioning. It’s called Maca, a starchy plant found in the Andes and other areas in South America. It’s been proven to improve male libido and arousal, and is currently in use by a number of sex therapists. (TRY: Maca for Super Erections) Maca also increases blood flow to the penis, which increases sensitivity—triggering stronger desire. It’s just the thing to reawaken your flagging libido and increase erections.
Don’t worry any more about your lost lust—it can happen to any man, for many reasons, as you’ve seen. Maca is just the thing to get you back into fighting form. Your wife will be happy to see how quickly you’ve bounced back.

What to do

From Limp to Maca Strong
She tugs on it. She kisses it.

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