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When Birth Control Pills Defeat their Purpose: Female Low Libido

A young woman is concerned that abortions and birth control pills may have caused her low libido and vaginal looseness.
Case #: 1301

I’ve made plenty of mistakes for a 20-year-old girl. As a young adult, I am allowed to be reckless. I’ve had two abortions. I’ve had multiple romantic encounters, and I have seen my financial stability change with the seasons. While my life has left my body—and mind—dilapidated, I remain steadfast in my desire to improve myself.
My new boyfriend and I love each other. However, I've noticed that after the abortions and birth control pills, my body has changed. I’ve gained weight. My vagina has gotten looser. And I have seen my sexual desire decrease. My biggest problem, perhaps, is the lack of sexual desire. As a 20-year-old woman, I want to know why I no longer desire sex.
A large number of women who use birth control medications, especially for a few years or more, experience sexual side effects. Many aspects of our health depend on a delicate balance between androgens (sex hormones) and other naturally occurring hormones in the body. Since birth control pills work by introducing large amounts of estrogen and progesterone into the endocrine system, not everyone can take them safely.
Sometimes, the unpleasant side effects of birth control pills can defeat the purpose of taking them in the first place. What good is a contraceptive if it extinguishes your natural desire for sex, diminishes your ability to orgasm, or decreases sensitivity in your vagina and clitoris? Unfortunately, birth control pills can do all three to some women, as well as causing them to gain extra weight, develop chronic vaginal or UT infections, or experience pain during sex. Normal vaginal elasticity and lubrication are also heavily dependent on hormonal balance, so it is possible that the pill could contribute to the stretching of the outer vaginal tissues.
Why does The Pill Decrease My Sex Drive?

Some people are more sensitive to hormone fluctuations than others. Although it doesn't happen with all users, some find that they simply don't want sex as much as they used to after starting the pill. In order to maintain a healthy libido, we all require a normal balance between testosterone and other androgen hormones, regardless of gender. In addition to increasing estrogen and progesterone levels, birth control pills may also eliminate androstenedione. As if that weren't enough, the pill can cause the liver to begin removing testosterone from the body more quickly than usual. In susceptible women, these processes can result in a lowered or absent sex drive.
How to Rekindle your Desire

Since birth control pills are causing you unwanted side effects, it might be a good idea to switch to a non-hormonal contraceptive. Do some research on the pros and cons of other birth control methods, and talk to your doctor about what you can do to ensure the effectiveness of your chosen strategy. It is very important to be conscientious (when you have the option) about using birth control. Abortions can cause permanent damage to the uterus and other reproductive faculties, leaving you with unnecessary fertility obstacles if you ever want to start a family.
Once you stop taking the pills, the problems you are experiencing will most likely begin to reverse themselves. You may see an improvement in your libido within a couple of weeks, or it may take longer. To help get your hormones back on track sooner, make sure to eat a balanced diet and get regular exercise. You can also try herbal medicines with properties that could shorten the duration of residual birth control pill effects by boosting liver function and blood flow to the sex organs. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Intensified Orgasms)

What to do

Botanical Formula to Detoxify & Intensify Orgasms

Environmental toxins and metabolite byproducts from birth control medications contribute to chronic problems related to sensuality, including the loss of sex drive and the inability to achieve a fulfilling orgasm. Bupleurum, Milk Thistle, Rehmannia...

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