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Pour Some Hot Sugar on Me – Candle Play Options for Sex Drive Boost

A couple is tiring of their sex life and need a little jolt. Candles may provide a way for them to fell a little extra pleasure and pain. Let’s see how we can help them.

Case #: 1939


Well me and my girlfriend are getting a little tired of the same old standard sex (missionary, Doggystyle, cowgirl), and have heard about candles from a friend.

Are there any specific kinds of candles that are good for pouring wax onto each other with? We’ve also heard about ones that might be lickable or something? Any advice would be super! Thanks.


Just think of all of the huge industries out there…cosmetics, consumer electronics, candles…[sound of car tires screeching] whaaaaaat? Candles? Yes, candles. Candles are a gigantic industry, clocking in at $2.3 billion dollars (yes, with a “B”) per year.

A New Paradigm

If you think about it for a minute, it sort of starts to make sense; most people have them in their houses to light for intimate dinners or for backup in case the power goes out, churches use them for worship services, survivalists and preppers stockpile them for catastrophic emergency situations, and freaky people use them in their sexual escapades.

That’s right; adherents of BDSM just can’t seem to get enough candles. That’s because they like to light them up and pour that nice hot wax all over their each other. They do this in order to achieve a sort of pain/pleasure feeling which is reported to be euphoric.

What Exactly Happens

When hot wax is poured upon the skin, the sensory nerves detect it as a threat and activate the adrenal system. This not only triggers an increase in oxygen consumption and blood circulation, it also causes the release of serotonin, a hormone which causes intense pleasure.

This serotonin, along with histamine and prostaglandin, are mobilized to the burn site to provide relief from pain, the adrenal system is further stimulated and provides pleasure to the sensory receptors in order to offset the pain. So if you’re curious about introducing a little kinky candle play into your sex life, read on...

Bring Out the Inner Freak

Should you go out to your local big box shopping center and purchase some standard household candles, like the kind that your mom probably has stowed away in her home? Well, you could if you wanted a limited and muted form of hot wax pleasure.

Why do you think that the candle industry is so huge? That’s right – options! Let’s go over a few of these candle play options shall we? (TRY: Candles for Excited BDSM Couples)

Drip Candles: These types of candle are probably the most commonly thought of when people think about candle play. The actual candle sticks themselves are hollowed out, and upon igniting them, the hot wax drips inwards. Since regular candles can sometimes be hard to gauge as far as how much wax can be poured, drip candles allow couples to decide exactly how much wax they want to pour onto each other, thereby dictating how much pleasure and pain will be administered.

Scented Candles: These are probably the tamest candles compared to the others. Their main benefit is their intense aromas which can set any sort of mood that a couple desires. The experience is less physical and much more cerebral and mood enhancing. Although wax may be poured onto one’s partner, the primary effects of aromatherapy are quite pleasurable.

Edible Candles: These are used when the freaks come out to play. Light them up, then pour some hot sugar on your partner’s buttocks, directly on their nipples, or right across the genitals and watch them squirm in pain, and then exhale with pleasure. Then get your tongue out and commence to licking those areas for a nice cool-down sensation. Think I’ll go grab a pack myself (just kidding of course hehe).

With all of these options at your disposal, it’s no wonder couples who yearn for a little something extra contribute to the ever growing candle industry. Not doing so could be a missed opportunity...

What to do

A Candle-Buying Guide for BDSM Couples

It’s a 2.3 billi

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