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Your Guide to Weak Erections

Self-esteem and sexual fulfillment are determined by how well a man can please his partner. Poor technique, lack of endurance and even weak, unsustainable erections can lead to poor sexual satisfaction. The inability to maintain a firm erection can be frustrating and embarrassing. Men can feel depressed and withdrawn from intimacy. Men can even begin to feel self-conscious and even angry at their inabilities. (SolutionsRemedyAnal BreathingJelqingTincture)
Incidental weak erections are normal. Like professional athletes, sometimes you just have “an off day”. For some, a weak erection is an occasional problem; for others, a chronic issue. Weak erections are not random; they are due to one of four reasons: because of penile injury that inhibits blood flow; because of insufficient blood flow to the penile sponge-like tissues; because penile tissues cannot maintain blood; or because blood flow exits out of the veins unexpectedly. The cause for each of these problems varies from drugs and old age to improper diet and excessive masturbation. 


Weak erections serve as warning signs of worse problems ahead. Think of a weak erection as an early indicator of developing severe impotence. Men who suffer from weak erections can still gain an erection; they just cannot hold it for long. Men with impotence, however, see no sign of life down south. The penis remains permanently limp. For men with common weak erection problems, typical symptoms may include:

  • Semi-hard erections
  • Flaccid erections during sex
  • Excessive pre-cum followed by weakened erections
  • Bruising to the penile tissue that may lead to a weak erection

Blood Vessels & Blood Flow

No More Mr. Softy

To achieve firmer and longer-lasting erections, consider some effective herbal remedies.

Cistanche improves the adrenal glands damaged by age, poor diet, drugs or excessive masturbation. Cistanche provides protection to the organs from oxidative damage. Thanks to its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, Cistanche can improve blood circulation and can increase testosterone and micro-circulation to the penile tissues.
Cuscuta increases blood flow by producing more nitric oxide to stimulate an erection.
Cynomorium treats impotence in men thanks to the testosterone-building molecules found inside the herb.
Maca enhances arousal level for improved erection quality during sex.
Pyrola contains kaempfer-ol-3-O-glucoside and quercetin-3-O-glucoside, chemical compounds known to improve sex drive and energy levels.
Schisandra increases the circulation and sensitivity in the genitals while enhancing testosterone production.

Additional Techniques, Formulas and Lifestyle Changes

Think of these additional techniques as complementary solutions that aid in erectile capacity. When combined with herbal supplements, techniques can greatly improve the quality of your erectile capacity. For instance, Anal Breathing and Jelqing Technique can improve the duration of your erection by strengthening the weakened parasympathetic nerves caused by abusive masturbation or marijuana. 

Medications can alter your body’s capacity to produce an erection. High blood pressure medication can diminish the flow of blood, while certain SSRI (anti-depressants) can diminish penile stimulation because of the elevated production of serotonin. Meanwhile, foods high in cholesterol and sugar can elevate blood pressure, cholesterol and increase your risk for diabetes. Each condition can age and weaken your arteries, preventing blood from flowing properly to your penis.

If your body remains in a dilapidated state due to aged arteries, drug abuse or over-masturbation, an erectile technique can help. Meanwhile, erectile strengthening solutions, such as Botanical Remedy for Weak Erection Restoration and Herbal Tincture Formula - Improving the Quality of Erection both improve elevate blood flow to the penis, repair nerve endings damaged by age or over masturbation, and balance hormones necessary for sex.

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