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Intercourse Pain - Caused by Hormonal Contraceptives

Many women have suffered intercourse pain in silence. It was not pleasure they felt from sex, but excruciating pain. Many women have indicated that the emotional toll of suffering from intercourse pain only becomes exacerbated when they can’t get a clear diagnosis from their doctors.

There are a couple of main causes for intercourse pain. Number one is birth control pills. Hormones are disturbed when various hormonal contraceptives (such as pills, injections, patches, or rings) and infertility drugs or other prescription drugs are taken.
Most often, intercourse pain is caused by a deficiency of estrogen or an adverse balance ratio between estrogen and testosterone. This occurs more frequently among women with weak or poor liver function. Most of the time, liver will break down the excessive floating hormones, such as metabolite residues from birth control pills. Weak liver function and excessive build up of hormone-based birth control chemicals in the body can lead to chain reactions such as an insufficient production of neurotransmitters, disruption of the ovarian function, and weakening of the immune system.
Take Vaginal RH Formula I to reverse the damage caused by birth control pills, realign the hormone balance, rejuvenate the vaginal tissues, and alleviate intercourse pain and abrasion. This remedy contains many effective herbs that can relieve involuntary vaginal reflex, vaginismus, and painful intercourse.

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