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Woman is experiencing menopause in full force: moodiness, hot flashes, and low sex drive. It’s creating issues between her and her husband and children. Her husband refuses to help around the house when she isn’t interested in sex. How can she raise her sex drive to a point where he’ll put his back into housework again, so she doesn’t throw out hers?
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I hate menopause. I hate the hot flashes, the moodiness, and I especially loathe the bitterness it created with my husband and kids. My moodiness created a vitriolic environment. My hot flashes impede my being in crowded rooms. And my low sex drive irks my husband so that he refuses to speak to me. He doesn’t speak to me, but he also refuses to help around the house. How can revive my sex life to get him to start talking and to begin doing housework?

What a rough patch you’re going through right now! I’m so sorry to hear about your menopausal side effects, and the effect it’s having on your family life as well! I would personally be outraged if my husband, who had sworn to love and cherish me, in sickness and health, was giving me the cold shoulder over a lack of lust. I can help you get your sex drive back, but I hope you’ll use it for your benefit, not just his selfish cravings.
It’s Completely Normal to be Going Completely Crazy
I ought to mention that your side effects are extremely common to women going through menopause. You might already know that all the issues you’re experiencing can be traced to the sort of hormone withdrawal your body’s currently going through. Biologically, females are built for one thing: baby-making. Once that epoch of your life is over, your body has to come to terms with an entirely different frame of existence.
Major Players

Estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone are the hormones most important to feminine reproductive health, with the onset of menopause comes the natural end of these helpful chemicals. While it seems like losing substances that are centered on healthy genitals might not be a huge issue for a woman, these hormones also control and signal so many other actions in the body that it throws a wrench in the entire workings of you, as it appears you’ve already noticed. But all is not lost! Restoring the lost levels of these hormones will result in your body returning to the happy, healthy state you, your husband, and your children remember it in.
How Do I Get Them?

Different medical practitioners have different opinions on the best way to reintroduce the missing hormones into the female body. Progesterone and testosterone are generally safe to take topically and through ingestion, so long as the levels remain balanced. Many doctors worry that introducing pure estrogen, through ingestion, right into a female system will result in breast and ovarian cancers, as estrogen also controls cell growth for those areas. Thus, in many cases, it’s best to increase your estrogen in other ways.
Best Practices

Happily, the remedy I’m recommending for you increases estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone levels. How can it do this? It has to do with the nature of the chemical compounds in the herbal supplement. (SEE: Menopausal Passion Revival Formula) Specific herbs contain compounds known as phytoestrogens, which, while they contain the word estrogen, are not truly estrogens at all. These chemicals function within the body to replace the deficit of any hormone that is low.
How Does it Help?

As testosterone controls sex drive in both males and f7emales, it could be that you’re a little low, and this formula will help you. Increasing your estrogen levels will increase vaginal moistness, strength, and sensation. Progesterone helps with mental fogginess, stress, and weight gain. I’m sure this remedy will give you a handle on the menopausal issues you’ve been having, and I hope it also gives you a handle on your husband! Good luck!

What to do

Young Again - Revive Passion for Menopausal Women

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause cause female sex hormones that control libido to fluctuate at different times. In fact, the balance of estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, testosterone, and DHEA becomes altered the most during peri-menopause...

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