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Impotence - Caused by Vasectomy

Every surgery comes with its added risks. From simple cataracts surgery to open-heart surgery, patients continue to combat the added side effects and complications of surgical procedures. A vasectomy, considered a simple, outpatient procedure is no different. While it may take less than 30 minutes to complete the procedure, a vasectomy can include a lifetime worth of problems, including impotence and unsustain erection during sex.

Most men who consider a vasectomy are well past their 30s. Most have kids, and in some rare instances none at all. A vasectomy offers an affordable, permanent solution to birth control. But it too comes with some unwanted side effects and risks. (LearnVasectomy Natural Recovery)

Vasectomy Overview

For fertilization to occur, two factors must be present: an egg and sperm. Condoms prevent semen from entering the vagina, and vasectomy stops semen from exiting the testicles at all. Before semen can exit the urethra of the penis, it first travels from the testicles and up the vas deferentia. These ducts carry semen from the epididymis to the ejaculatory duct for release. If the vas deferentia are severed, semen cannot exit the body. Remember, semen is still produced; it just is unable to exit the body.

Vasectomy Dangers

For a small percentage of the men, the sperm accumulated in the testicles will fill up the seminiferous tubules, epididymis and vas deferens, resulting in the “blue-ball” phenomenon. Blue balls trigger an autoimmune inflammatory response that causes pain in the testicles. Because semen is unable to exit the testicles, they instead die and become recycled. The recycled sperm is released through metabolites that affect the hormonal-regulating biofeedback loop. Why is this important? Think of the hormonal biofeedback as a circular tube filled with water. If the tube experiences any type of constriction, the water cannot flow freely. When the hormonal-regulating biofeedback look is constricted, the pituitary gland fails to produce FSH, LH and testosterone needed for an erection.

Complications of vasectomies include:

  • Post-Vasectomy Pain Syndrome, a permanent feeling of pain in the testicles
  • Male menopause
  • Psychogenic Impotence
  • Congestive epididymitis
  • Sperm granuloma
  • Antisperm antibody formation
  • Hematoma, bruising and bleeding

If you suffer from impotence caused by your vasectomy, it’s time to get herbs that will help increase your sensitivity and testosterone production for a healthy sex life. Do not let the complications of a vasectomy ruin your sex life.[1]


  1. ^Raspa RF., Complications of vasectomy., Am Fam Physician. 1993 Nov 15;48(7):1264-8.
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