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Penis Pain & Injury - Caused by Penis Enlargement Surgery

Many men are dissatisfied with their penises and will resort to almost any means to achieve a larger size. It should come as no surprise that there are many companies and doctors that prey on the desperate, prescribing surgeries and procedures purely for the money to be made, not in their patient’s best interest. It is understandable that the pressures and the mindset that can lead to this type of thinking, that being satisfied with the size and shape of your penis is easier said then done.

Let’s take a look at the methods of enlargement that are available:

Surgical techniques can be performed to lengthen and widen the penis. These surgeries can be administered as a single operation or in two separate ones, usually 12 months apart.

Lengthening Surgery

By cutting the suspensory ligaments under the pubic bone, the penis can protrude further. However, this ligament is very important for an erection, because it supports the elasticity of the penis during sexual intercourse. If the suspensory ligament does not properly heal after surgery, the penis will not achieve the firmness and elasticity when engorged. Maybe that’s not such a good idea…

Widening Surgery

This surgery involves either the injection of fat, grafting tissues onto the penis from another part of your body, or allografting synthetic materials into the penis. Some patients reported as much as a 15% increase in circumference after the procedure. Choosing a skillful surgeon is very important, as scar tissue can reside inside the penis for years, causing curvature or impotence when post-surgery recovery is not optimal. Hmmm…

Regardless of surgery type, if the patient later experiences symptoms like discomfort, curvature, pain, loss of morning erection, or an inability to sustain hardness, he should check with the surgeon to ensure the penile nerve endings weren’t damaged.
Taking herbs such as Platycladus, Alisma, Sarsaparilla Jamaican, Curculigo and Morinda can enhance the patient’s post-surgery recovery. Combined, these herbs make up the Penile Trauma and Injury Solution, a natural remedy that provides nutrients for a traumatized penis, while helping to increase the micro peripheral penile circulation, a critical factor in tissue rejuvenation. Meanwhile, the Advanced Massage Technique, known as the Huiyin Massage with Middle finger, can stimulate and trigger the neuro-repair mechanisms necessary for proper erectile function.

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