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Get Your Mojo Workin’ Again and Get Those Harder Erections Back with an All-Natural Herbal Solution

A young man in his late teens is naturally concerned about his inability to produce a proper hard-on. Now, he is seeking some advice on getting things right again…
Case #: 2070

I’m not yet 20 years of age and for some reason I just can’t seem to get hard erections anymore. I think I have a pretty normal life, but sometimes when I get around girls, I get nervous.
Maybe that affects me, or maybe it’s just because I don’t have much experience. Maybe a poor diet? I don’t know…it just seems like my lust for sex isn’t that great. Can this be helped at all? Thanks!
Ronny was just turning 19 and was still a virgin, but his buddy Todd had something in mind for him. Todd had invited Ronny over to his parent’s house for a little party because they’d left him to go on a weekend vacation.
Unbeknownst to Ronny, Todd had not only invited over a few mutual friends, but also Trixy, a hot young brunette who went to the same school as them. Todd had been with Trixy already, and as a matter of fact, several their other mutual male friends had been with her as well. So he figured that she’d be an easy lay for Ronny so that he could finally lose his virginity.
Stumbling into Sex

Ronny was sort of geeky, so when he showed up he accidentally stumbled and fell onto Trixy, spilling her drink in the process. She laughed and played it off and soon the two were engaged in some small talk. Todd was a great host and replaced their vodka infused drinks several times. Soon, they were slurring their words and Trixy started making out with Ronny.
Todd urged Ronny to take Trixy into one of the empty bedrooms and he did just that. After stumbling into a room, Ronny closed the door and Trixy pounced on him. She unzipped his pants and starting sucking him off, and his wiener got halfway hard.
That’s when she figured it was time to take it to the next level; she bent over and pulled her skirt up leaving Ronny to stare at her one-eyed clam. When he finally got the point that he was supposed to do something, he sidled up to her and attempted to insert his now limp penis into her vagina.
“Okay, Ronny…you can start now,” Trixy said while looking up from between her legs.
“Uh…I did,” Ronny said, blushing. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t squiggle his soft member into her. It felt like he was handling a small, slippery, snake.
“I’m outta here!” she said, pulling up her skirt as she stomped out of the room.
Shame & Embarrassment

The above scenario happens all the time to men, especially ones who are inexperienced when it comes to sex. Sometimes being a young man who is unable to perform sexually can have a domino effect, in that their disappointed would-be sex partner can begin to gossip about their lack of sexual prowess. That in turn can result in other girls running from the poor guy at high rates of speed; ruining his chances at having sex for years.
Some men can suffer from performance anxiety, and lack the confidence needed to power an erection. Others can come to abuse alcohol and/or drugs, which can also prevent blood from properly engorging a man’s penis. Whatever the case, when a man lacks the drive to have sex, his body responds by not allowing blood to flow into his penis in order to fill it up and make it firm enough for penetration. So how can men regain their ability to get hard?
Rebounding Back

Many men have turned from pharmaceutical-grade erectile medications to herbal remedies, noting that the latter, all-natural solutions don’t carry with them, any harmful side-effects. (SEE: Impotence Fighting with Maca) In just a few months, a man can go from having a limp wiener to having a nice, long, full erection, ready for action.
These botanical mixtures, when used regularly, can help a man recover his sexual prowess in the following ways:

  • Increase the blood-absorption capabilities of the sponge-like tissues within the penis for fuller erections
    Improve overall blood circulation
  • Remove preventative mental barriers and provide psychological factors which trigger aphrodisiac qualities – in essence being more lustful for sex
  • So become more excited about sex again and widen your pool of potential sex partners. Women will notice

your new confidence and pretty soon you can become known for your sexual virility instead of having a slippery snake penis!

What to do

Maca The Impotence Fighter

Part of the mustard family, Maca belongs to a storied genus that grows mostly in Peru.

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