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Water Balloon Wiener – Whacking it Too Much Isn’t a Good Thing

This fellow has been engaging in a little too much self-sexy time and now he can’t seem to get it up anymore. What can he do that will help with his soft member issues before things get even worse?

Case #: 1868


I’m writing you guys because I think I broke my sex drive. How did I do that? Well, I’m not sure but it started out with having softer erections, which is uncommon for me since I’m 26 and young and horny most of the time.

Eventually, this lead to not being able to get it up at all. My sex partner of two years left me and now I fear I’ll never be able to have normal sex again with anyone. What can I do to fix things?


I once took a trip through the “rust belt” of the United States via Am Track train. It was an inadvertent tour of the area since my main goal was to get from the West Coast to the East Coast. While passing through these industrial areas I imagined what it must have been like during the heyday of the industrial revolution, with men scurrying around, busy making all sorts of things out of vast supplies of raw materials.

Now these vast networks of factories and storage facilities had were long abandoned in favor corporations shipping American jobs to countries such as India, China, the Philippines, and Mexico, where labor is cheaper, as well as the technological revolution. It was a sad sight; like fading cities made of rust, forgotten in time.

A Correlation

It got me thinking as to how a man’s sexual arousal cycle can be viewed in a similar fashion. A man’s body can be seen as a factory, and each of the products that come down the conveyor belt – an orgasm. Now imagine that if the products are stacked together too closely on the belt it can become weighed down, forcing the machinery to work too hard and overhead.

Similarly, if a man masturbates too much without resting properly in-between sessions, he can trigger the release of too much prostaglandin E-2; overheating his “machinery.” This can result in a weakened sex drive, premature ejaculations, soft erections, and eventually complete impotence. So how can you hope to reverse this dangerous trend?

Time to Roll up Those Sleeves

Since you’re on the cusp of complete impotence the time to act is now. Get a specialized work crew into your factory for some much needed repairs by taking an all-natural herbal supplement. (SEE: Erection Restoration with Herbal Remedy Mixture)

Herbs such as Maca can help to restore your desire to have sex and re-stabilize hormonal levels. Others, such as Arginine can greatly enhance your erection quality by both widening blood vessels and improving blood circulation, while Muira can help to sustain your sexual endurance once you get back into the swing of things.

Investing in your repair crew is the first step, but also make sure that you are eating properly and that means cutting out fast foods and junk food like chips, cookies, etc. Also, remember to be patient as recovery from your symptoms doesn’t happen instantly…and as always, if you have a heart condition, you’ll want to consult with your physician before taking these remedies.

What to do

Achieve Powerful Erections With Epimedium, Maca, Arginine, and Muira Puama

Jared was 42-years-old, married and father of three, but his body resembled that of a 60 or 70-year-old, fragile and disfigured

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